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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

For Kate & KC...

You girls are so sweet to always check up on me! But...I didn't post a Wednesday Weigh-In because it was bad news. Well, not really bad news...I wasn't suprised or anything...just not "good news". It was 147. What really gets me is that on Saturday morning after my big 2 hour work out, I got on the scale and it said 144. I was so excited. Then come Wednesday, it was back up to 147. What the heck?
I am just so fed up with this whole thing. Really. I feel like I am on the top of a fence teetering back and forth. If I fall off on the left side, I will quit this whole thing and just be satisfied to be at 147 forever. If I fall off on the other side, I am about ready to just develop an eating disorder and get it over with. I mean, this trying and trying and seeing no results is about to make me nuts. What's even worse..is I know I could lose the weight if I would be super-strict on my calories again and write everything down and keep it to 1200 or less...but I just can't seem to do it right now. I am so busy this month with parties and gatherings and shopping and programs at school, etc...it's just not realistic to try to do that. (SIGH...) I just don't know. I am so fickle. One minute I am telling myself "That it!!! I am going to lose this stinkin' weight" and in the next minute I am saying "You know what? Who CARES? I am a mother and a wife..not a supermodel."

Anyway, that's what's up with me and the whole weight department right now.
Congrats to you Kate for breaking 145 though! That's terrific!! What are you doing? Maybe I should just copy you!

Kandy, thanks for the "challenge" you have set before me to get to 135 by Valentines Day. I know I can do it...I just have to see if I will. If only I could afford a personal trainer and personal chef!!! ha ha


Kate said...

oh, sorry to hear you had a bad week. really, all I've done is get back to doing cardio since I can't lift weights, cut my calories to 1200, and increase my water intake since it's been so dry outside. may sound like a weird question, but, is it that time of the month? i know I have about a 5 pound range during that week,so maybe that could be it? I also cut out the little trips to the M&M bowl and the little bites - they all add up! i eat much less when I eat slowly and really enjoy what I'm eating, not just b/c I'm bored or it's nearby. that's always been a struggle for me. i'm rootin for ya!! are you going to get the BL dvd's when they come out?

Like you, it often goes through my head, why am I trying to achieve a certain # if it means such a great amount of work to keep it up??? but the truth is, when I look better, I feel better and there's nothing my hubby loves more than me loving my body and me having confidence in myself. keep it up, but don't sweat a bad week :)

Amos said...

Ok, I have no real scientific anything to say this other than Kim the trainer on the Biggest Loser. So I know you are not on the 1200 calorie diet thing, but if you are doing a 2 hour workout, wouldn't you need more calories than that? Remember what she was telling B? Really no idea if that is the case, but it's the first thing that came into my head when I read the calorie thing.

KC said...

hey Girl, don't give up on yourself. Just hang in there and keep working out no matter what the scale says.
I put on a pair of pants that usually fit like a glove, and I actually had trouble keeping them up! My weight hasn't changed, and it was that time of the month! So I know I am replacing fat with muscle! woo-hoo! So who cares what the scale says, as long as you are getting muscular and strong and losing body fat, then you are on the right track! :) But I'll still send you $20 if you meet your challenge! I want a digital picture of the scale too...to prove it! haha :)
Love ya girlfriend!

MLM said...

I'm still rooting and praying for you!