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Monday, December 17, 2007

To re-gift or not to re-gift...!?!?!

So...here's a topic for ya...Re-gifting.
Apparently (according to an article in Jan. 08's issue of Parents) this is a No-No. They said, "It's just not a good idea. There are too many chances for hurt feelings. Hurt feelings if the original giver found out and hurt feelings if the person recieving the gift finds out."
But here's my beef:
What if you are given a gift, something very nice and maybe even something you like but just don't need or want...WHAT in the WORLD is wrong with giving it (as a gift) to someone else who you know will enjoy it?
For instance, last year for Brooklyn's birthday she got several very cute, nice Disney Princess things for her birthday. Well, knowing she had outgrown the whole "princess stage" I stuck them up in her closet (in plain sight) and waited to see if she ever noticed or wanted the stuff. Nope. Not ever. So the other day (and nearly a YEAR since her birthday) when I was looking for a gift for a little girl who is 2 1/2 and is totally into the princesses....I grabbed that stuff and wrapped it up. I will admit, one of the things, a lamp, had been opened and didn't have the original box. I felt kinda weird about wrapping it up without the box or original packaging...but the reality of it is that it is a brand new, perfectly good lamp that this little girl will love AND not having to buy YET ANOTHER GIFT will help with our finances. Plus, by doing this, I was able to give her a much nicer, bigger gift than I could have if I had went out and bought something for $10, which was my buget. Instead, the gift I gave her was probably more like worth $40.
Today as I ate my lunch though, I read that article in the magazine and it got me to thinking that maybe I am just being WAYYYYY too cheap?!? I mean..I know for a fact that that same little girl who we are giving the "re-gift" to...is giving my kids brand new toys that were specifically on their Christmas wish lists.
What do ya'll think? Do you re-gift?
I saw a show on Oprah once that talked about this subject and how some people have whole closets full of unwanted gifts that they plan to re-gift. I am not quite that bad...but I do have a closet where I keep gifts I have bought people and occasionally I add something in there that someone gives me that I know I'll never use. I save it until I come across someone who I think will really like it. Somethings never get re-given, but sometimes I can find the PERFECT thing in that closet without ever having to go to the store or spend a penny and the reciever never knows the "truth."
All of a sudden though, I am starting to feel really guilty and cheap and embarrased about it. I am VERY curious to hear all ya'll's opinions on this matter and whether or not you do it too.


Domestic Diva said...

Girl, I always regift things that I know someone else would just love...and I see the benefit in the financial dept. Don't feel guilty! You are giving from your heart and you know that little girl will love it. It's not like you are regifting something she won't like or use.

mr zig said...

There is nothing wrong with re-gifting - but it is something you have to be careful about. It kinda has to be your own dirty secret. If the receiver finds out it was a re-gift they might feel like you didn't give their gift any thought, and the person that gave you that gift in the first place could be hurt you gave their gift away. So, if you are clever with it, and re-gift in other circles were the secret will never really come out into the light of day, re-gift away :) I would :)

Kate said...

I don't see anything wrong with it. No one ever needs to know it's a re-gift. If it'll make someone else happy, it's serving a much better purpose than laying on the floor of the closet, dont'cha think? Zig is right, though, about the "circles" in which you re-gift. Like re-gifting a friend's gift to another friend may come back to haunt you if you all know eachother. But if you re-gift a family member's gift to another friend - they'll likely never know if they don't interact. Don't feel bad! You're smart and not getting into ridiculous debt when there are perfectly good, new, and unused gifts to choose from in your own home.

KC said...

I say if it is unopened, unused, go for it. Who's to say you didn't love yours so much that you went out and bought the exact same thing for someone else? It could happen. :)

Re-Gifts can be great, if you know that person will love it. Just don't re-gift with the sole purpose of cleaning out the closet! ha-ha

Personally I think you did a great job on the Disney Princess gifts. That little girl will LOVE it! (and that is what counts).

Jenelle said...

If we could all get past what things cost and focus on what a gift means, re-gifting wouldn't be an issue. As long as the gift fits the person you are giving it to, and you are doing it with the right heart - Go for it.

Logzie said...

I think all of your previous commentors have 'hit the nail on the head'.

Besides that...don't you ever just wonder how many or what "re-gifted gifts" you have received? Ha! If you liked it...who cares! If you didn't like it...RE-GIFT IT!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Oh, I totally agree with all the previous comments. Regifting is nice because it gets rid of something you won't use and gives it to someone who might benefit from it. Not a thing in the world wrong with that. Plus, you're saving yourself time and money so that's great! Just don't regift anything I give you.
Ha! Just kidding. If I ever give you something you don't need or want it totally will not hurt my feelings if you regift it. :) Just FYI. :) Love ya!