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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You guys are so full of Scrap!

Ha ha...funny title, right? Well, what I am talking about is all you scrapbooking-obsessed women out there. Yes, that means you nobody, amos, guru and logzi. I'm sorry girls, but I just don't get it. I sat down to scrapbook (my way) yesterday afternoon and I was trying as hard as I could to imagine doing the whole "meet at the store and do it all together thing" (I can't remember what you guys call that)...but for the life of me...I don't see how you can get anything done. I had a nice clean desk to work on...only 1 kid running around driving me crazy and all my supplies nicely organized and at my fingertips and I could still only get a couple of pages done. AND...to top it all off...my scrap book pages actually look like they were made from scraps (of pictures, magazines, ticket stubs and colored paper) whereas you guys'es (I'm creating a new word here I think) look like they are ready to be framed and put on the wall or else published. I definitely don't "scrap" the way you girlies do. I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad. I know my pages don't look nearly as beautiful or 'decorated' as you guys'es do...but they are a reflection of me, I think. I am going to include a couple of pictures of my pages so you can see what I mean...but I want to know...what is the big deal? I mean, the idea of sitting around with other women is DELIGHTFUL...but actually trying to get something done seems like it would be impossible. I either talk...or I work...but I don't do both. Just ask my kids...I can't even answer a simple question like "Mom, can I have a snack?" if I am on my computer. I have to change "pages" in my brain before I can answer that. So...I kinda want to join the scrapbooking-craze...but I can't see a benefit to it (as far as my scrapbooks go). So, what can you ladies tell me that would convert me to a true believer? I promise to try it if one of you can 'sell' the idea to me....


KC said...

I am with you on this one Jen. I have never been able to get into scrapbooking. I have just never had the time, and there was always something I would "rather" be doing, like exercising, reading, or shopping. I am not very creative/decorative though, and I think that is my problem. I just don't enjoy that kind of thing.

So what if all of my photos are in a regular photo album. It doesn't bother me any. Because at least I can still look at them any time I want, and it takes me right back to that place and time....Plus I am making precious memories with my babies, and taking tons of pictures, and having plenty of fun along the way.

Amos said...

Once you "get into it", you start taking pictures differently "for a scrapbook page". And then once you are all together and read magazines and look online, you just start to bounce ideas off of each other and it becomes easy. The biggest part I miss of everyone moving away, is that we "borrowed" each others stuff. If someone needed one little thing to get a page complete someone else would pop up and offer the end of the page. Yes, we talked a lot and laughed a lot but we did it while we were making pages. I will just have to take you to a "crop" once and then you will get to experience it for yourself and decide if it is for you or not. It's like being in an art class, you fall in love with the hobby once you start doing it.

And no, we don't get gobs of pages done, sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on the day. For me the magazines make me have tons of ideas and run with lots of pages.

Logzie said...

You just need to GO with Amos once or twice! When you go to a crop, it's for atleast 6 hours. And at first you will probably feel overwhelmed with everything. Yes, you definately do a TON of talking, laughing and having fun...and that's all part of it. Like Amos said, sometimes you get a lot done (especially if you are in a creative mood or had some ideas before you got there) and other times, you just need the girly time and that's ok too. They have tons of snacks, discounts on products and it's just SO much fun. The best thing to do is look in a scrapbook magazine and find a page you like. Try and mimic it but with you own pictures (obviously) and your own colors and finishing touches. BUT...I AM WARNING YOU...YOU PROBABLY WILL GET ADDICTED!!!!!!