II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Please don't get the wrong idea...!!

While grocery shopping today, I looked at my son and realized, "Wow! The kid looks like he's been beat!!" The big goose-egg that he got on his head the other day from falling off the slide has turned into a nasty looking bruise and it now has a scab on it where the little blood blister busted...so that's one thing. But then yesterday while I was outside putting Christmas lights on the house (more about that later) Brooklyn was playing softball and swung (a metal bat) to hit the ball and didn't realize Grant was standing right behind her...and yep, you guessed it, whacked him right in the eye. So...now he's got a big bruise under his eye too! I just thought, boy I hope no one turns me in for abuse! He also has a bruise about the size of a half-dollar on his hip, and I am guessing that is from the slide-fall too, but I really don't know. Isn't that horrible? At this age, I think they should be required to wear a helmet! ha ha. Anyway, like I said, I put up Christmas lights on my house yesterday. I also put up our Christmas tree and two smaller Christmas trees AND all of our holiday decor!! I worked on it from about 2 yesterday afternoon till 9:30 last night! Whew! It looks great though and I feel "cheery" already. Brooklyn keeps telling me we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet...and that it's way too early for all this...but I know she likes it too! Now I just need to get busy with my shopping (a.k.a. bargain hunting). Our finances are more limited than usual this year so I am going to have to be very creative and resourceful with my gift-giving. That's okay though, I like any kind of challenge that involves shopping! (hee hee)
Oh by the way, I wanted to mention that Matt and I went and saw Flicka this weekend at the movies and it was SO GOOD!!! It's defintely something you'll want to see...and good for the whole family.
Well, I wish I could rattle on and on (I'm in that kind of mood) BUT, I have 2 hours worth of work to do AND 20 parents to call to organize the Thanksgiving Feast for Brooklyn's kindergarten class. I knew this homeroom mom stuff was going to get busy sooner or later. This month I am doing a party for Brooklyn's class on Monday the 21st and for Grant's class on Tuesday the 22nd. Then I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house on Thursday! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! :o)


Logzie said...

Oh my gosh girl! I am feeling the stress about your THREE holiday parties!! :0)

Amy said...

We're doing a cute thing in our class for Thanksgiving. We're reading "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie". It's kind of like the old lady who swallowed the fly, but with Thanksgiving foods. We make one little change though. The book says "I know and old lady who swallowed a pie...perhaps she'll die." We change that part to "perhaps she'll cry" and the kids love to act like they are crying when we say that part. Anyway, it is a cute story that "my" kids love and thought if you were looking for an activity for your party you could do some variation of what we're doing. I plan to read the story, make a cardboard box look like a lady's head with an open mouth and have the kids feed pictures of the different foods to the lady. I have the pictures already and a drawing of how one class did the lady's head if you want me to share. But then again, you may have your hands full with all the "feast" going on and my not have time to do an activity. Just thought I'd offer and see what you think. Good luck!
:) Amy

Amy said...

oops, I meant MAY not have time...not MY not. :)