II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Deal or No Deal

Matt and I are going new-car shopping tonight. It's not because we have any extra money or even that we want a new car...BUT....our van is getting up there in milage (61,000+) and is starting to need work done on it and right now we are thinking it might just be smarter to trade it in than to put more money into it. We JUST (last month) put new tires on it and now it needs some transmission work done. It has been the PERFECT vehicle for us these past 3 1/2 years and as ridiculous as it is, I know I am "attached" to it. I've even had dreams that we've traded it off and then I've gone back to the dealership and begged them to give it back to us! I always wake up from those kinds of dreams thinking "Whew! I am so glad that was only a dream!" It's crazy, really, that a thing could mean so much to us. Or am I the only one who feels like my car is an extended member of our family? I think I am just worried that our next vehicle won't have all the luxuries that our van has. The only thing our van DOESN'T have is the coolness factor. But otherwise, it is roomy, comfortable, has built-in child seats, a HUGE TV/DVD player, cd player, power everything...and so on.) It's everything I've ever wanted in a vehicle. The only time I don't LOVE it is when Matt and I are going out on a date or something and it feels like driving a van reminds us every second that we are "parents." I know that sounds horrible...it's not like we'd EVER NOT want to be parents...but sometimes it's fun to imagine we are just two young adults having a passionate love affair---and that just doesn't go along with a mini-van! ha ha! The other time I wish I didn't drive a van is when I run into old friends from high school who are either not married yet or don't have kids yet and they say, "NO WAY! You're a mini-van mom!!??" Like that is such a horrid idea!
Anyway, I've just spent the last hour cleaning it all up and it looks almost as good as new (at least that's what I hope the dealership thinks when they look at it and give us the trade-in value!)
We are looking at either a Dodge Durango or Dodge Nitro. We aren't set on anything though...except neither of us really want a van again. (I know...that doesn't make a bit of sense!) The most important thing is money...and how much they'll give us for our van. I looked up the Kelly Blue Book trade-in value on-line and that's not going to cut it...so, they'll have to really impress us for us to make a deal. (thus my title).
I kinda feel sorry for the poor salesman who gets to deal with us. I am already sure they are going to try to rip us off and confuse us into thinking we are getting a good deal! Isn't that terrible? What can I say?....it's all the retarded salesman's we've had in the past that have made me that way. This is what I can't stand the MOST: You show them your car and ask them what they'll give you for it...and they say, "Well, what car are you wanting to trade for?" and I say back to them, "What difference does it make what car I am going to buy? How does the new car change the value of my existing car?" And then they try to start feeding me a bunch of bull that sounds like "blah, blah-blah, blah, blah".
Oh boy..I better just settle down. I can already feel my blood starting to boil! hee hee We just need to agree in prayer before we go that God will direct our path and our decisions. Whew! Thank goodness for the precious Holy Spirit who reminds me to chill out and let God be in control!
Well, I'll update you all soon on what happens tonight. After car-shopping and dinner, we plan to come home and watch a movie (Blue Crush..???) and have some much needed alone time. My mom offered to keep BOTH!!! kids overnight tonight! This will be Grant's first time to sleepover anywhere...so I hope it goes well. I am really looking forward to a long, fun evening with my hunky hubby. Then tomorrow I get to go work out with a friend and we are going to the Olive Garden for lunch with a couple other girls and then shopping! WOOHOO! I feel like I am going on vacation or something! ha ha. Okay...Matt will be home any second..I better get off here and go find something to wear that will make me look less like a mommy and more like a girl he'd want to have a hot love affair with! hee hee


Anonymous said...

Well??? Did you find something? I need to drive by and see if you're home so I can see. LOL :) I hope Grant's first sleepover went well. See ya tomorrow night.