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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

My Thrifty Thursday tip for today is Grow Your Own Vegtables! Some might think you have to live in the country or have land or even have a green thumb to do it...but it's just not true. If you could steal a 5' x 3' peice of your back yard from your hubby...you could have plenty of room for a tomato plant, a couple of pepper plants and several onion plants.
This is all you have to do:
Before I planted my stuff, I used a rake to "grate" up the ground as good as I could and I tried to get all the weeds and grass out. Then I just dug a little hole (using my hand actually) and stuck the plant down in it. That's IT! Normally, I'd have to water it but thanks to the never-ending rain around here...I haven't even had to do that this year. I have spent a few afternoons picking weeds out of it, but other than that...there's nothing to it. The taste of fresh grown vegtables can't be beaten and plus, there is a bit of satisfaction when you cook a meal using all vegtables that you grew your own self! We have strawberry plants in our garden too and they are very easy too--except you don't get much fruit off of them in the first year. But...they are perineals so they come back year after year and produce a bigger crop each year (or so I'm told by my neighbor with an AMAZING garden!) Last year we had jalepeno's too...but this year I fogot to get them until it was too late. Oh ya, that reminds me..I should tell you that it is pretty much too late to plant a garden this year. (sorry!!) but keep this in the back of your mind for next spring! This is our 2nd year of having a garden and we LOVE it. Plus, think of how much money it saves you. You won't have to buy a tomato, bell pepper or onion ALL summer long. I have probably 100 tomatoes right now, 30 bell peppers and about 20 onions. I only have 5 tomoato plants...but each one has about 20 tomatoes on it (or more). I plant extra because I share them with my mom and dad and if I have more than we can use, we can give them to our friends.

Okay, I hope I've inspired you!


KC said...

Hey Girly!
We have planted a garden every year for the past 4 years or so. I LOVE home-grown tomatoes. There is nothing like the taste of a tomato that ripens on the vine. Yum!!!
We also have onions, potatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, and Cantaloupe!!! Yummers!!!! I love having a garden. There is nothing like eating those fresh, yummy, fruits and veggies, and you do save tons of money! :)

Your veggies look Great!!!

Logzie said...

Oh my gosh!! YOU HAVE TOTALLY INSPIRED ME! I have always wanted my own garden and we swore once we moved (here) that we would do it and we never did!

I loved it when you said that you only need a small section and then told about how easy it was. I was always intimidated about the whole thing but you made is sound easy! I just need to know when to plant the stuff. Make sure you post about it as it comes up in advance and tell me step by step what to buy, where to buy it...okay? :0)

Plus, I can totally see the satisfaction you must get to cook with your own veggies.

Red peppers are SO expensive and so are tomatoes. That would be great to be able to bless people with them..a great way to get to know and witness to neighbors!

LOVED this Thrifty Thursday!!!!!