II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I feel like a cow right now. Seriously. I don't know what's up with my body but I have had mega cramping all night long and I feel like my stomach is bloated to twice it's normal size. I had my little visitor last week..so it can't be that. Actually speaking of the "little visitor"---(cover your eyes guys...you don't want to hear about this)---I have been seeing less and less of Aunt Flo lately. I guess it's the effects of the IUD finally...but it's really weird. When that week comes around, I usually just have the teensyist bit of pink here and there but no need for any kind of paper-goods. That lasts for a week or so and then I'm done. So weird. I mean...in the tiniest corner in the furthest back compartment of my mind, I think about the possibility of being prego...but then I remind myself that I am and have always been SUPER paranoid about that and it's never true. (well, twice it was true...but that's all! ha ha) It's so foreign to me when women say that they never even thought about the fact that they could be pregnant when they are having nausea and sore boobs and are sleepy...etc. Every single time I get nauseous...that is the first thought in my mind. (and I didn't even have morning sickness so that's really goofy). Usually if my chest is sore, it's from doing too many push-ups the night before...but still, I always think, "what if?" Anyway, I don't know what's up with me tonight. I am wearing a pair of shorts right now that are my baggy pants. The ones I always save for when I feel extra-fluffy..and even they feel tight tonight. Yuck! Plus the cramping is weird too. Who knows?!?
So, to change the subject...have any of you ladies ever thought about laser hair removal? Obviously with summer here now...we are all digging out our swimsuits and that dreaded shaving ritual has to be done again. We had a cookout/swim party for our Sunday School class on Saturday and I did the "swimsuit shave" (if you don't know what I am talking about...see the post I did in July of 2006 titled "All kinds of smooth"). Well, now today, 3 days later...I am paying for it with little red ingrown hairs EVERYwhere! Ouch! So..the new thing I hear about on the radio all the time is Laser Hair Removal---and I am thinking about looking into it! I have no idea whatsoever about what it costs...but just imagine...no more shaving "there" anymore?!! Woohoo! I just hope they have a payment plan! ha ha
Another thing I am considering: getting my lips tatooed!! I know that sounds crazy---BUT---when I went to my friend, Keri's, wedding last weekend, I ran into an old friend who looked GORGEOUS. She started telling me that she'd gotten her make up tatooed on by this lady (a doctor) in the city at a big hospital and that it was the best thing she ever did. She actually got her eyeliner (upper and lower lids) done, her eyebrows and her lipliner and lipstick and it only cost $900 for all of it. All I want to do is the lips. She got this color done that was just called "natural" which is what I would want to. It's basically your natural lip color just a little darker than normal--and maybe just a bit pinker. Most of you probably already know...but I am a lipstick ADDICT. Majorly. I've never met anyone who wears lipstick more than I do. I put it on probably 10-20 times a day and even before I go to bed at night! It's partially because I HATE the way I look without it...but also because I've gotten used to my lips always having something on them making them moist and now I can't STAND for them to be dry. If I wake up in the middle of the night and my lips feel dry..I will actually get out of bed and get some Soft Lips to put on. So what do ya'll think? Do you think that is crazy? Do you know anyone who has done either of these things (the laser hair removal or make-up tatooing)??
Okay, well, I guess I better get off here. Matt just came by and saw that I was blogging instead of working and he made me feel guilty. (shame shame on me..I do have lots of work to do--but that's not nearly as much fun as gabbing about this stuff! :o)


Logzie said...


Laser Hair Removal-Does it hurt?? How long does it last?

Make Up Tatoo-I would be afraid that maybe the trends would change...and owie, wouldn't that be painful too?

And finally...the cramps. I would be a little worried about anything that would make it so you don't get a period. God gave us those for a reason (I can't believe that I am even saying this...HA!) but it's to flush out all the 'stuff' so I would be a bit concerned on that one. The cramps may be an indicator of something. Not to scare you...just my first thought. Are they gone today?

I think I am a cheap wimp! HA!! I don't think I could spend that kind of money on those things and I would not want the pain either...but that's just my opinion. I am excited to hear everyone else's opionion. We are all different right?

Love ya Jen!

Amos said...

Ok, after being at your house and then reading about the make up tattoo, I had a dream and you were screaming in pain getting it done. So my vote, Don't Do It! Ha, that one seemed a little too real.

Like I said on the phone, You are Beautiful. Don't let one day of moo-ness get you thinking otherwise!! Love ya!

KC said...

Ok, Laser Hair Removal. I would LOVE to do this. But it is expensive! It takes 6 treatments for the hair to be gone permanently. Each area you have done, costs you (so it would be one price for underarms, one price for bikini line, one price for lower legs, etc). From what I hear, it isn't to painful. I have a friend who did it. She said it didn't feel as bad as waxing. But you want an "experienced" doctor. Don't go to one of those day spas at the mall ot get it done. I have seen pictures of people who did, and were burned and now have scars for life! (They did a whole news report about it down here not to long ago).

As far as the makeup tatoo. I have a friend who has her lips done, and I never knew it! She always wears clear gloss over it, so I just assumed she had on lipstick. It looks good, it is a very light natural pink color.
My aerobics instructor has the permanent eyeliner. It looks great on her! But I don't think I would do it. It may take me a little longer to get ready in the mornings...but at least I am not stuck with something I might hate (for the rest of my life).

Girl, it is a "personal" decision. If you have the extra money and want to do this, go for it! If this is what you want, you know we will all love and support you. But you are BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are! :)

Beverly said...

Jen, I'm glad you stop by my blog I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to me. Kandy told me about your blog and I've stopped by often. I've completed transpcription school now and I owe thanks to you I never would have done it without hearing you talk about it. I have already picked up 1 doc and am looking for another so I can quit my full time job and stay home with my boys. Thank you so much. Love you blog by the way. You and Kandy are both such an inspiration. I have never been much on health and working out but this week I've decided I had to do something I got a gazelle and I love it. I've also changed the way I eat and drink. I've dropped 3 pounds this week. I plan on this being a permanent thing and I feel so much better. I know 3 pounds is not alot but putting better things in my body and the exercise is what is doing it. My mom and sister are doing right along with me, mom really don't need to but a group is better than alone. Sorry for rambling. TTYL.

Jenelle said...

Remember tattoos are permanent. Think of it this way... Will it look good on you when you are 80, gray and wrinkled? Lips you could probably say yes... eyeliner and brows - probably not.

Everyone has "moo" days. Just remember that God created you beautiful. Don't let others, yourself or Satan tell you otherwise!