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Monday, June 18, 2007

No FLIPPIN' Phone....

I have SO many things to blog about...and most of them are good...but right now..I am SO ticked off about my stupid cell phone. Sunday, while we were at the lake, it just suddenly, out-of-the-blue quits working. Not a single button on my keypad works. I can still receive calls...but I can't call anyone, look at any of my messages or pictures or retrieve my voice mails. I also can't access my contact list...which is where I store ALL of phone numbers for everyone I know. I can't believe how frustrating being withot my cell phone is! I have certainly come to depend on the dumb thing and now not having it is a major pain. Then...what really irks me is that I immediately called T-Mobile about the problem and the guy tells me I can try taking it back to the store where I got it. So, I call Wal-Mart since that's where I signed up for our service and the guy there is like, "Uh, duh...I dunno. You'll have to call back tomorrow and talk to someone else. I don't know anything about the phones." So today, I spend 30 minutes digging up the box to the phone, all the accessories and the recipet. Then I load the kids up and drive 25 minutes to that Wal-Mart. When I get there, I am told to go to customer service. Then the lady at customer service tells me to go to electronics. When I got back to electronics there was a girl there already trying to exchange a phone so I stand there and wait and Wait and WAIT....for about 45 minutes I stood there until finally I just decided to go do some shopping and then come back. Of course, though...when I got back there...there was another couple there discussing phones and I had to wait again. Eventually the guy gets over to help me and he tells me within 30 seconds that there is absolutely nothing he can do to help me since it has been more than 14 days (which is the amount of time they give you to return your phone should you decide you don't like it). I got my phone on April 9th...so obviously it's been longer than that...but it's not like I am deciding I don't like the dang phone...it doesn't WORK! ERGH! Anyway, by this point in my day, it's like 5:30 pm, the kids are acting like wild animals in the store, running and jumping and screeching and I am so mad I can hardly see straight so I just take my useless phone and leave.
Well, now it's 9:44 pm and I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and they are sending me a replacement phone. I have to pay shipping which is $15 but if they determine that my phone doesn't have any damage (that I did to it) then I get a new phone for free. If they decide that I've in some way damaged the phone, I have to pay $100 for the new phone. I'm not worried because the phone is in perfect condition except for that it doesn't work. The bad thing is that all my pictures and ringtones and stuff will all be lost. None of that saves to your sim card apparently..and since my keypad doesn't work, the lady said there is no way to retrieve that stuff. UGH! I had some GREAT pictures on there and this one especially that I took of me and my dad on Father's Day that I was hoping to do something special with. Oh well...what's done is done.
Anyway...one day soon hopefully, I will find time to blog about our trip to the lake and share some pictures with ya'll but for now, I need to get off here and get the kids into bed.
(**BTW, the word "flippin" in the title refers to my "flip" phone)


Jen said...

hey ya'll,
I just read this post and I see that I made a few spelling/gramatical errors. I hate spelling mistakes...like where I spelled receipt, recipet...but I was mad and typing fast. Ha ha....anyway, just wanted you to know that I know there are some errors in here.

Amos said...
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tori said...

oh honey i am soooo sorry. that sounds so frustrating. i promise it will get better. we have a fun day planned for tomorrow so get ready!

the spin class? holy cow my legs are so sore and it was harder than i expected, but i am going to stick it out. i have vowed to go every monday. eventually it will become easier the more that i do it, but oh dear was it hard!
love ya,

Amos said...

That has got to be one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with is a cell phone break. I can't believe you couldn't get better service after only having the thing a few months. So dumb.

Logzie said...

I have never been addicted to a cell phone. I actually hate it when mine rings. I have a pre-paid one. It only costs me $100 a year and I only use it to make a quick call...usually to tell someone that I am running late or something.

But, yes, that is redicilious that you could not get better help from the company! And Walmart...oh yeah, I have had the same experience there!

One time Chuck got a cell phone for work but in his name and they reimbursed us. He had it for just over 2 weeks when all of a sudden the sim card burned up. He took it back to the kiosk at Woodland Hills mall and they dude said that he must have entered his password wrong too many times and it burned it up and they would not do anything about it since it was over 2 weeks! He was ticked mainly because he never even set up a password on the darn thing so there was no way he could have entered it wrong. But the guy kept insisting that was the only way for the sim card to burn up. Finally after much complaining to the company they took it back and cancelled the contract. Crazy!!

KC said...

Wow Jen! I can't even imagine how frustrating that must have all been. You poor thing!

I couldn't live without my cell phone. We don't use our home phone, because it is always long distance to call friends and family. So we ONLY use our cell phones. I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to mine.