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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fashionably late???

ERGHHH!! WHY can't I EVER get my library books back to the library on time? It's completely ridiculous. The books are free, we get to keep them for 2 weeks, which is more than plenty of time...but I cannot seem to get them returned on time no matter what I do! What's worse...I always check out a stinkin' mega-load of books every time...and at .10 cents per book per day late...that adds up quick! The last time I had out 27 books and was like 6 days late...!! you do the math! Now I am actually making payments on my late fees! Then tonight I sat down with my kids to read them their night-time stories and I thought I'd just flip open the front cover and see when I need to return this batch of books and it says May 25, 2007. ERAUGH!! That was 4 days ago (or it will be by tomorrow morning when I return them). It's like the more I resolve that I will NOT be late anymore...the more late I am. And this isn't the only area of my life I am doing stuff like this either. Every month when I sit down to balance my check book I SWEAR that I will not use my debit card EVER again without writing it down in my register...and yet every month, there are more and more debits that I have forgotten to record! I also keep telling you guys that I am going to lose this last 15-20 pounds and I totally mean it when I say it...but then next thing I know...it's a month later and here I am...still stuck at 144 and holding. I feel like I need to get hit over the head wtih a frying pan or something to knock me back into whack because I must be really out of whack to be messing up so much. It's just so un-like me. Ergh!
Well anyway, I just needed to vent that for a minute. Tomorrow when I am less frustrated and when I have more time, I will tell you about our Memorial Day weekend and show you lots and lots of new pictures!


Logzie said...

don't beat yourself up over the library books thing...I understand your frusteration completely...but here's my suggestion:

I LIVE off my calendar and when I check library books out, I always go home and write the due date down on the calendar and it works for me.

Can't wait to see & hear about your Memorial Day!!

KC said...

I was just fixin to type the same thing Logziella just wrote! Great minds do think alike huh!

I do the same thing. I come home, and immediately write the due date on our calendar. I have one stuck on our fridge, so I HAVE to see it everyday. Everything goes on this calendar! This way hopefully I won't forget anything or forget to remind Stephen of what he has going on with work each week. It gets to be a pretty full calendar each month. But I always write everyones "stuff" in it's own color for the month. So my appointment/reminders go on the calendar in one color, Stephen's in another, Levi's T-ball games/practices in another, and the library book due date in another. This is the only way I can keep it all straight.

Good luck Jen! You can do it. With as organized and talented as you are, I know you will find your own little "trick" that will help you keep it all straight. :)
Love ya girl,