II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rocky Road

Our driveway is gravel...in the good parts. The rest of it is dirt/sand/mud. Today, I spent 4-5 hours digging rock out of our front yard to put in our driveway. When we had our septic system put in, they dumped a couple loads of rocks in our yard. What they didn't use for the septic system has just been laying on the grass for the past 7 months, sinking in deeper and deeper each time it rains. Since I played hookey on going to aerobics today, I "punished" myself by deciding to rake/shovel rock all day. I guaran-dang-tee ya it was the most physical/hard work I've ever done. I am so exhausted and my arms are so sore that I got wore out just holding the phone up to my ear a while ago! In addition to sore-beyond-measure muscles, I also have a HECK of a sunburn on my back. (I did this shoveling in a bikini and no sunscreen!) I'm sure it will make for a nice tan eventually but right now, I just look like a lobster. Thankfully I had a really good base tan already. What stinks about the whole thing is that I didn't get done. I worked until I thought I would pass out and I was shaking. All I ate for lunch today was a small bowl of fruit and that coupled with the heat was making me woozy. (I better have lost some weight today! hee hee) Anyway, tomorrow or whenever I regain enough strength, I still have to go out there and pick up about 5-6 piles of rock and move them over to the driveway. Sounds easy, right? Uh---No! Anyway, I am not really complaining, despite how it may sound. I am thrilled to have gotten to #1: Spend the day outside with my kids, #2: Get some extreme exercise, #3: Get more tan and finally #4: I got a big, hard job out the way that my hubby won't have to do now. I have this weird thing lately about trying to be the "perfect wife." It's not gonna happen, I know...it's not humanly possible. But, I figure he's stuck with the same woman for the rest of his life...I want to make it as great as possible for him. Plus, I guess I want to see how "accomodating" I can stand to be to his every want and need. We'll see....ha ha


Amy said...

Glad my husband doesn't read your blog so that he doesn't see that very last statement you made and want me to do the same! Haha! I'm totally joking. I do agree with you that it is nice to do things to make your Mr. Right happier. Just don't let mine know I said that. :)

KC said...

You Go Girl!!!! :)