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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Home Room Mom....that's me!

I have been elected as the "Home Room Mom" for both Grant's and Brooklyn's classes this year! I don't know if that is coincidence or if I am the only person who volunteered...but I certainly didn't expect to be the "chosen one" for BOTH their classes! In a way I am looking forward to it because it will give me an opportunity to meet some more people in this town and also to maybe meet my kids friends (and their parents) which would be very nice. However, I am beginning to wonder if doing them both might be a little much since this is my 'first time' and I really have NO idea what I am supposed to do. All that I've been told is that I will be in charge of planning and putting on the holiday parties (mainly Christmas and Valentines). I just keep thinking...what if they end up being on the same day at the same time? I know I am probably stressing out way too much about such a simple thing...but I feel like all the other parents (probably 30 or more) are counting on me to make these parties fun and creative and special and what if I can't come up with anything???
A. and K., since you are both education majors and are both working as teachers, maybe you can give me some ideas/pointers...? I'm just a little nervous. Lately I've been second guessing myself a lot. I just seem inadequate to complete any task these days.
Speaking of me "messing up" check this one out. For months now, I have been trying to get some order to my checkbook but each month that I can't balance, I sink a little deeper into this deep, dark hole of checkbook-hell. (sorry, but it was the only word I could think of.) Anyway, finally yesterday I was just so fed-up and flustered with trying to figure it all out that I had just about decided to just close the account and open up a new one (which would be a MAJOR pain in the butt b/c I have all my bills auto-debited and I would have to change ALL of them if I did that). Anyway, my mom (who is a perfectionist and has always balanced to the penny her entire life and would make a great accountant) happened to be at my house. I half-jokingly said, "Hey mom...how much would you charge me to get my checkbook all balanced out and accurate again?" To my surprise, she was all for it. So, the dear woman spent probably the next 5 or more hours going through 6 months of statements and 4 different check registers to try to help me! When she called to give me the bad news, I really wasn't all that surprised. (the bad news being that I need to transfer six hundred bucks out of savings just to get back to a positive balance in my checking) I just wrote out several thousand dollars in checks yesterday to pay for the work on our upstairs room (which is finished now by the way! Hooray!) and I expected to need to transfer some money over. Anyway, this is the "good part": I made a mistake on my subtraction about 3 months ago and accidently gave myself $900.00 that really wasn't there. BUT, I had also (THANK GOD!) recorded a transaction as a debit for $1058.00 when really it had been a credit card charge---so the two washed each other out pretty much. It's just amazing that if I hadn't made the mistake of taking that $1058.00 out....I would have been $900 in the negative but somehow (I know it was God) I managed to mess up and it actually saved me! Yay! Now that everything is perfectly balanced again...I VOW to never, ever let it get like that again. It is my solemn vow to always carry a pen with me and I will write down every transaction that affects my account at the time it is made. No more huge stacks of receipts falling out of my wallet "waiting" to be recorded. No more forgetting to write down checks until I realize that I am on 1457 and the last one recorded was 1452. Nope...not gonna happen again. That was TOO much of a headache.
"I just keep thinking...I can't believe this is MY daughter!" my mom said when she called me last night (in the midst of doing the balancing) Well mom, I am gonna make you proud from this moment on! ha ha
Okay, well, I've posted like 3 or 4 times today...so I think I've hit my limit. I have a major muscle cramp in my back/neck and that always means I've been on the computer too long! Goodnight guys!


Amy said...

You will be an awesome home room mom! I have so much fun planning things for the kids in my class to do and since we're so much alike, I KNOW you will too. Sometimes it's stressful. Sometimes it’s chaotic. Sometimes you work so hard for just a few minutes worth of fun for the kids and they don’t even really seem to appreciate it. But it is SO worth it!
And of course I will help you! I only wish we could plan and organize and even shop for the stuff together. It would be so much more fun than doing it long-distance! :)
Do you have a budget? Did they give you any ideas or limits about what you can or cannot do? If you buy something for the class will they reimburse you for the expenses? Just a few questions I thought of that might help you figure out your new "job".
:) Miss you!