II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh no! Not another one!!

Yesterday was a "snow day" here--meaning no school. No snow either for that matter---but we did get some sleet on Sunday night that turned into a solid sheet of ice on every surface outdoors. And our temperatures are in the single digits...
Speaking of temperatures, we set a record on Sunday here. We went from 75 degrees at 2 pm (and wearing shorts and t-shirts outside) to 15 degrees by 10 pm that evening (and ice everywhere)! That is a 60 degree change in the temperature, which was a record in our state.
Anyway, it was a long day yesterday--me and the kids--stuck in this house with nothing interesting to do. Of course, I did my usual stuff (cleaning, working, bills) but they were crazy-bored. Now...today...we are out again! AUGH! What am I going to do with them ALL DAY LONG? I know some of this morning will be taken up by the routine chores...but I really hope I can come up with an agenda for us for the afternoon hours because I don't think I can endure another whole day of arguing and bickering and boredom (for them). Guess it's time to break out the craft supplies and get our creativity on. Wish me luck!

Oh and to update you all on the whole dog thing--Emmie/Macie. Well, the people who adopted her won't answer their phone or return the calls from the pound--so the lady at the pound thinks that they are probably worried that they'll have to give her back so that's why they are avoiding them. Whatever. I suppose since she's safe and happy and ALIVE that I will be fine with that. Truthfully I was afraid that if we did somehow get her back---how could we be sure that she wouldn't slip out of our fence and get lost again!!??!! It's probably for the best--the way it turned out--but I still feel like I have a little empty spot in my heart. One about the size of a yorkie. :o)


Kate said...

Girl - your weather in OK is starting to sound like our weather here! lol. We have to keep all four seasons of clothes in the closet at all times becasue you never know!

Be careful w/ all that ice. Scary!

Thanks for the update on Macie. If I were them I'd be worried about having to give her up too. And if that's the case, then she probably went to a home just as good as yours.

KC said...

We are out today, because of ICE too. But Levi is sick, so he wouldn't have been going to school today anyway. I'm just glad I took them to the doctor and got their meds yesterday, before the freezing rain hit.

amanda said...

so we have negative as in BELOW zero temps here. with windchills it was 20 below the past two days. and yet still school. gotta love wisconsin. although i plan on homeschooling and my kids will miss out on snowdays. lol.

Tammy said...

So I'm LOVING the new look of the blog. Pure sass and great pictures! Typepad is pretty boring when it comes to that stuff ... but it's also mindless (which I need!)

Hope you found something to entertain the kiddos. We're gearing up for freezing rain in Ohio tonight. Blech. Winter stinks!

Simmons Girlz said...

Hey you! So last night, after the girls being home for one day all day together, I had to do something to find my sanity. I went to Walmart and found some $5 dollar crafts, that today kept the girls really entertained. Now, dont ask me what I am going to do tomorrow, as of now which is 11:22pm, Victory will be having school tomorrow!!