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Friday, December 19, 2008

A babysitter!! Hooray!

Okay, I have not had a babysitter in YEARS! It's probably been a good 2-3 years since anyone has watched my kids except my mom. But today, I hit the jackpot-so to speak. A friend of mine is a teacher at our high school and I mentioned to her that I would like to find a babysitter. She just called me with a girl who is a junior at the school. She said she is a Christian and is WONDERFUL and is her top choice for a babysitter ever! She said she is so sweet and is on the leadership team and loves to play with the kids. I feel like I am in HEAVEN! I am so super-dooper excited. Now my parents get to go out WITH us tonight! (We are going to go see the movie Four Christmases--thanks to all your recommendations!) Only one problem...
How much do I pay her????
The last time we had a babysitter was when Grant was still taking bottles and sleeping in a crib. At that time, the girl who sat for us was only 15 and didn't drive. Since I had to go pick her up and take her home, I paid her $4/ hour--with a minimum of $15 with every visit.
Now tonight, this girl will be coming for 3 hours. I don't want to "cheat" her but I also don't want to spend a fortune. What do you guys pay? What is a reasonable rate?


Kuckie said...

I usually pay $5-$6 per hour, depending if it's both kids or not. Why? BECAUSE I DO!!! heeheee....
Enjoy the movie!!

Teresa said...

That's the question of the decade girl.

I've finally decided that I pay $6 per hour IF all 3 kids are to be babysat. Basically $2 per hour per child. If I had one child I'd probably pay $3 per hour. But I don't and that's just wishful thinking and oh...got of on a tangent there...sorry! Ha!

Now, if the kids are sleeping the entire time and all they have to do is watch my TV then I consider that and might round it down. If the hours are during the daytime and all 3 kids are up and crazy...then I'll round it upwards. If she keeps the house clean...I'll give her a small tip but if the house is a disaster...I'll find another sitter because the LAST thing I have time for is another mess to clean up! LOL!!

Last weekend when I went scrapbooking with my friends and Chuck was gone...I paid the girl $50!!!!! It was from 5pm to 2am. I gave her a little extra b/c I was 1/2 hour later than I said I'd be and she had the house cleaned up just as I had left it!

So...babysitters are SO NOT cheap and not something I can afford to do all the time! It does help when you know person and knwo they could really use the money too. My sitter is in college and I know she needs the extra $$ and I just LOVE her so it works...

Kate said...

I used to charge $10-$12/hour, but that's when I was getting out of college and I had watched this family's kids since I was in high school. I'd say for a high schooler - $6-$7 is fair (keep in mind, things cost a lot more up here - so the $5-$6 range seems appropriate.)

Have fun - that movie looks hysterical!

Jodi said...

I also haven't used anyone besides family, so I have no clue how much to pay. I didn't know you were looking for someone. Our neighbor is 16 and babysits - that would be really convenient! Let me know if you want her info too. Of course we now have a built in sitter, so that makes it easier for us. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

My daughter babysits. I'm not sure what she makes. Over the summer she did all day stuff for the lady. Call before she comes over and see what her rate is. Probably around the $6 - $10/hr range.

My daughter loves sitting for one family. They like to go out around 8 and come home about 10. Kids go to bed at 8. She watches TV and makes sure nothing happens. More of a house sitter than a baby sitter.


Amy said...

Wow! A babysitter? What's that?! lol Easton is 14 months old (almost) and Jason and I haven't EVER been out without him. Now I love my little guy more than life itself but I sure could use a date night with my hubby!
Hooray for finding a responsible and trustworthy babysitter!
I would have no idea how much to pay someone. I know when I babysat a litle boy I used to teach at the daycare his parents paid me $10 an hour but I guess they probably paid me more because I'm WAY out of high school. lol
I think I'd pay a highschooler a little less. But I certainly was thrilled to make an extra $80 for one day! And Easton went with me and the little boy was no trouble at all so basically I got paid to watch Easton and his new friend play all day. Sweet gig! Wish his parents would call me again! :)

Rissalee @ Mile283 said...

I think cost of living may be more down here, because babysitting rates are much higher in the Tampa area...that said, I paid $5 an hour to a highschooler WHEN I WAS ALSO HOME with her, just getting stuff done in the other room(s). I paid a college-age girl $7/hr to do the same thing (but at church not my house). I figure, if the girl can drive (and thus take my kids to the ER if needed), they deserve more, also because they are probably driving to and from my house. (Gas money.) But if I have to go pick her up and take her home, less money. I think $10/hr is pretty standard in these parts, which is why I don't have a sitter other than my mom. It would cost more for a sitter than dinner itself, and we don't have that kind of dough!

Guess that doesn't help much?? Hope you had a good night out, liked the movie, and be sure to tell us what you decided! Thx!

KC said...

I wouldn't know, we haven't used a babysitter, except once. Otherwise, family or a very close friend (who is like family) watches the boys.