II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I did this last night!

At the mall last night, they had this thing set up. It's called "The Trampoline Bungee" and I knew the kids would love doing it. It was $7 per person so we splurged and let them do it. They had a blast but when they were done, the guy running it said, "Ok, now it's mommy's turn. Mommies get to go for free." Well, if you know me...you know he said THE magic word--FREE! I do anything that is free! ha ha So, off went my boots and on went the harness. There I was in the middle of the mall in front of tons of people bouncing 30 feet in the air, doing flips, making a fool of myself probably...but I didn't care. It was fun and it was FREE! hee hee

Also very interesting last night: As we were letting our kids run around in the play area--a fight broke out! The story goes:
Mr. X's kids were hitting Mr.O's grandkids. Mr. X wasn't paying attention. Mr. O sat there and watched his 2 small grandchildren (about 2 and 3) get hit by Mr. X's kids several times. Eventually Mr. O got up and went over to Mr.X's little girl (about 5) and pointed his finger at her face and said something like "Little girl don't hit these kids anymore!"
At that point, Mr. X looks up and sees little old Mr. O with his finger in his daughters face and apparenty Mr. X forgets he is an adult in a childrens playground. He abruptly goes over to Mr. O, sticks HIS finger in Mr.O's face and proceeds to tell him "Don't you EVER put your F-ing finger in my kids face again!" over-and over-and over, louder and louder and louder. Poor Mr. O--just a little old grandpa there by himself with his two toddler grandkids stands his ground to big, mean Mr. X and tries to calmly explain the situation. Well, this goes on for at least 5 minutes--meanwhile everyone has stopped playing or talking. There are at least 50 spectators standing around. Mr. X and Mr. O are now almost nose to nose and Mr. X's voice is getting louder and louder. Every child in there has a look of fear on their face. (oh and in the process of Mr. X acting like an idiot--HE knocks over his little girl who hits her face on the side of the hard plastic slide and starts to cry--which he COMPLETELY ignores). Anyway, about this time, I threw Matt my purse and took off running to the nearest store yelling "Call Security!!" By the time I turned around and got back to the playarea--the security guys were there. Of course, people were everywhere going "What's going on?" and we ended up talking about it for another 20 minutes or so with all the other parents and spectators. CRAZY!

Then on the way out, we stopped for some fruit fondue. While we were sitting at the tables right next to the mall exit doors a middle aged man (probably in his 50-60's) comes walking quickly by carrying a 4-5 year old boy with no pants on-just underwear- who is SCREAMING "I want my mommy!!!"
The boy is wrestling to try to get out of the man's arms but the guy just gets a stronger grip on him and carries him on out of the mall. I knew what was going through my mind...but when I looked over at Matt--I could see he was thinking the same thing. He mouthed the word "Kidnapped" to me and I nodded. Who knows for sure. But it is pretty freaky and there IS a bathroom just around the corner from the doors. AUGH! I hated to just sit there and not do anything...but I guess it very well could have been the kids grandpa or something.

Anyway, I'm not sure we found "the Christmas Spirit" at the mall last night---but we certainly got our share of entertainment!! :o)


Chief Rock Chef said...

Ha, I can just see you bouncing around on that thing!

We have a lot of Mr Xs around here, sadly. The attitude seems to be "I am the only one allowed to threaten my kids!"

Have a great Christmas!

amanda said...

amelya did that last summer at the state fair. she loved it! me. i don't know if i would love it. mr. x. argh. first off i can't stand the mr and mrs. x who never watch their kids! and what a meanie!

Kate said...

what is up w/ people? gah!

glad you got to try the bungee though, aren't those fun?!

KC said...

That looks almost as fun as rock climbing! :) I bet you had a blast.
That is sad about the man who lost his temper...especially in front of the kids. Sadly there are to many people like that out there.