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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boaters Beware!

The Joneses are On The Water!!!

Monday we took our boat out for the 1st time. As we pull up to the (PACKED!!!) loading dock, Matt says to me, "Do you want to be the one to drive the boat or the one to back the truck/trailer into the water and let the boat off and then go park?" I look at him with my eyebrows both raised as high as my face would let them go and say, "WHAT?" I don't know how to drive a boat and SURE as heck don't know how to park/drive a truck with a 30 foot trailer on the back!! AUGH! So, at first we both get in the boat and he tries to tell me how to start it and how to give it gas and steer and he says I'll have to be able to pull up beside the dock to pick him and the kids up in the boat after he parks the truck. Both of decided that was WAY too dangerous of an idea...so that left me being the one in the truck. It was a good thing too because he had trouble starting the boat and if I'd been the one out there trying to start it (and it wasn't starting) I would have Fuh-REEK-ed out! Anyway, everything actually went off without a hitch and even though when I finally got parked, the trailer was completely jack-knifed behind the truck--taking up half of the feild (ha ha), we made it out onto the water and everything was going great. Almost immediately, Grant laid down and went to sleep! He got up once and moved to a different spot and then went right back to sleep!! The little guy slept for probably a good hour and a half to 2 hours! After a little bit we anchored off at a calm place and Matt lit the grill and we grilled ourselves some turkey dogs. I had brought a bowl full of fresh veggies (carrots, broccoli and cucumber) and we had that with our dogs. Eventually Brooklyn got the itch to try out her new pink fishing pole (Thanks Nana & Duane) so she fished for a bit while I sun-bathed. Then my parents called and said they were coming out so that was even more fun! The kids got brave and decided to start jumping off the boat into the (COLD) water and had a BLAST! They were bummed that we hadn't brought the big tube for us to pull them with...but we wanted to try the boat out first before we did that. Some friends of ours blessed us with a whole slew of NICE life jackets in ALL sizes...so we were all set to go in that area! They also sold us their almost brand new tube for $25 bucks...so we can't wait to try that out!

We plan to be back on the water this weekend...probably all day Saturday! Matt and Brooklyn got REALLY sunburned on Monday...so hopefully we'll do better with the sunscreen next time. I only have 2 sunscreens...one is 50 SPF and one is 4 SPF! ha ha....kind of extreme both ways! I need some 15 or 30 SPF I think. Anyhow, sorry I haven't been reading/commenting on your blogs much in the past week...but I promise...as soon as I get my housework caught up...I'll be back reading and commenting! (Hopefully later on today!)


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

LOVE IT! I wish I could of been there to watch you park the truck....you'll get better!! WHat lake did you go too? My dad bought 2 brand new seadoo's. We'll have to go together sometime.

I was glad to see that Grant flipped so that he would get an even tan! :-)

The tube looks really fun too!

Unknown said...

How fun!! Wish we could go out for a spin ;) Did you take the pic of you with Matt in the background? That came out so cool... you look very chic!

Kate said...

Sounds great! So, when can ya take me out for a ride? haha

I too had to drop a boat (well, it was the jet ski) in the water once - not a pretty sight.

Logzie said...

That looks so FUN and relaxing!! I bet you'll have hours of fun on that tube!

KC said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast. I told you, once you start, it's addicting! :) stephen always backs the boat in the water then gets in and drives it off, while I park the truck and trailer. then when it's time to load, we pull up the the bank or dock, and he climbs out while I hold the boat, and he backs the trailer into the water, and then runs back to the boat and drives it over to load it, while I run back to the truck. It is crazy/hectic..but I can't back a trailer for the life of me. We've tried and it always ends with me in tears...so we just don't try anymore! haha :)
BTW: I love your sunglasses! You look so hollywood and in style. Very Cute!

Tammy said...

How fun is that?! And the pictures of Grant sleeping are so sweet. Does your boat have a name yet? All boats need a name, right? Tammy is always a good choice!! HA!

Jenelle said...

Looks like so much fun and hilarious that Grant slept so much of it. Must have been tired.

I'm a sun burner not tanner. Try a peppermint essential oil rubbed on the burn instead of aloe. It takes the heat and pain out of the burn. You smell like a candy cane for a little bit, but you avoid a day or two of pain.