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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kids!! Gotta Love Em'!

At this very moment, I am laying out on my lounge chair getting a tan while I type a post on my blog and my kids are in the FREEZING ICE COLD swimming pool!! How cool is that!!??!! I cannot believe the kids are in the pool! The water is at about 73 degrees right now...which might not sound "that" bad...but I promise you...it is! About 82 is where I like the water to be. I would get in if it were 80..and at 86..it's starting to get too warm. But no way on earth could you get me in there right now! But you know how kids are...nothing bothers them like it does us old fogeys. The pic of the 2 girls is Brooklyn (the shorter one) and her friend from next door, Taylor-also a red head.)
Speaking of kids, I took Grant for his 4 yr. check up this afternoon. He is such a scrawny little fella. He's fiesty...but skinny. He's at the 15th percentile for his weight and at the 60th percentile for his height. Tall and slim...what every WOMAN wants! ha ha
While we were there, the doctor asked me if he had ever had his you-know-what's checked to see if they had descended. I said no...as he has not had a well child check since he was about 18 mo. old. She said we probably needed to go ahead and do it and told me to tell him what was going to happen. So...first of all I sent Brooklyn out to use the restroom. Then I said, "honey, you are going to have to pull your pants down and the doctor is going to feel of your private parts and make sure everything is good and healthy, ok?" Then I pulled his pants down and she did the exam. While she was doing it, she was explaining what she was doing. She said, "You know how you have those little things down there, like marbles or little balls? Well, we have to check to make sure they are in the right place." He didn't say anything for a minute and then he looked at me with this look of utter amazement and said, "Mommy, I have BALLS??" He was so excited! ha ha ha. The doctor and I both starting laughing so hard she had to leave the room. He kept asking (and in all seriousness) "Do I really have marbles in me?" HA HA HA
On a more serious note:
After the doctor had done everything, she left the room for a minute..and I figured she was going to get his shots ready. (all FIVE of them!!) but instead she came back in with another doctor. I thought that seemed strange...but whatever. The guy started listening to his chest--front and back--high and low--over and over. Then he looks at me and says, "Yes, there is definitely a murmur there. We probably need to get that checked out with an echocardiogram." I'm like "Say WHAT?" I had no idea anything was even wrong. After he left, our doctor sat down and explained it to me a little more. Apparently a heart murmur isn't "that" big of a deal--usually. They were a little bit more concerned since he's never had anything but a perfect heart until now....and then all of a sudden..he's developed one. Anyway, they are going to call me in the morning to schedule the echocardiogram with a pediatric cardiologist. Please just keep him in your prayers that everything will come back fine. Hopefully this is just a "functional murmur" and nothing that needs any attention.
Okay, well, I better get off here and get dinner started! Love you all!


Amos said...

Let me just tell you, Do Not Fear!! This is most likely nothing. They have told me on and off for years that Logan had one, but that kids outgrow it and it's nothing to worry about. And with him having his first check in awhile, they probably have nothing to compare it to and they are being WAY over cautious. He is a perfectly healthy happy boy!

I cannot believe they were in that water! BRRRRR! It would've been more tempting yesterday when it was in the 90's than today when it was a little cooler. Yikes!

Unknown said...

HA! My kiddo's would do the same thing! It was 82 in Colorado today, and since they're out of school now, they probably WILL be doing the same thing this week!

Jenelle said...

72 sounds like a heat wave... We'll be praying for Grant. Keep us posted on the process.

Logzie said...

The same thing happened to Logan a few years ago. We went in for a normal check up and they detected a murmer and sent him to the pediatric cardiologist and he had all the tests done and they determined the murmer was nothing to worry about. They did find somethign called a PDA which basically means a tiny valvue that is supposed to close at birth did not but it just means he has to have antibiotics before visiting the dentist and a check every 3 years...which just happens to be this Friday.

Keep us posted!

Kate said...

your little man is in my prayers. Like the other commenters have said, a lot of kids grow out of this. keep us psoted.

Tammy said...

I will definitely keep that cute little man in my prayers. If it makes you feel any better at all (probably not, right?) - my husband has had one for years and it hasn't slowed him down one bit! He played college sports, the whole shabang. Not ever a problem. Please keep us updated on Grant. And enjoy the warm weather!!

P.S. Love, love the balls story :)

Jen said...

Thank you to everyone who has reassured me concerning the heart murmur they detected in Grant. I am not fearful about it at all. I also had one as an infant and nothing became of it. He is as rambunctious and fiesty as any kid I've ever seen...so I would be shocked to hear anything was wrong with him. Besides...we have the blood of Jesus protecting us from "the snare of the enemy" so I have complete confidence that we will receive a good report. We go next Thursday for his echocardiogram. I will definitely update as to what we find out.
Love you all so much!

KC said...

Our boys have been in the pool everyday, since Sunday. The water is only 74-76, but with it being sunny, in the 90's, and humid, the water feels pretty good. I was in it cleaning the pool yesterday. :)

No worries. Our God is in control, and you will get a good report. Stephen has a heart murmur also...has forever, and you know him...he never slows down...doesn't affect him one bit.

Beverly said...

The boys were the same way, we couldn't even keep them out until we got it completely full. After I came in from walking the other night I was so hot I thought I'll just hang my feet over the deck in it. Oh no I'm not that water is freezing.

We will be keeping Grant in our prayers, although I am sure it is nothing to worry about!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Hey girl! sorry I haven't been on a lot! It looks like a lot has happened! I am a little jealous of your swimming weather! If I were there I would be swimming with your kids! HAha!

Supposedly I have a heart murmur too! Do not worry! I will pray but you really have no need to worry! Miss you lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now reading this, but wanted to let you know that we are praying for a great report. I too know many, many people who have or had heart murmurs and it hasn't affected them at all. Praying for great news on Thursday.

And that is hilarious about the balls story. Definitely one to remember. :)