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Friday, May 09, 2008

You're not MY mom

How many of you women have ever heard your husband say this to you when talking about Mother's Day? I remember a few years back when I was being a crybaby about not getting anything for Mother's Day....my hubby's response was "Well, you're not MY mom". Of course, that only upset me more then...but now that it is 2 days before Mother's Day and I am thinking about the fact that he's been working all week looooong hours and probably hasn't had an opportunity to get or do anything for me for Mother's Day...I am thinking...really...I'm NOT his Mom. Of course, we can't expect our young children to do or buy us gifts...so that's why the husbands get the lucky job. When thinking about Father's Day though...I pretty much treat it just like a birthday or anniversary. I rarely ever include the kids in what to get their daddy...I just go buy him whatever I think he wants or needs.
Anyway, I was just curious...how many of you give (or receive a gift from) your SPOUSE on Mother's Day (or Father's Day)(from you--not just from the kids).
Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to take one whole day to show my hubby how special he is to me and to tell him what a GREAT daddy he is to our kids. The bigger of a deal I can make it---the better. If possible, I would prefer to pamper him from the moment his eyes open on Father's Day until the minute they close again that night. But--that's just how I am..and I know it's a little "over the top" to some people (especially my hubby).
Also, while we're on the subject...I wanna know...how many of you have to buy your MIL's Mother's Day gift/card without any help or input from your hubby?
(sorry men, I promise I'm not trying to dog you...I'm just curious if I'm the only woman out there who thinks about this stuff...


Bridgett Hayes said...

I also do all the gift buying Jen always have and probably always will. Before we had kids it was not a big deal, but now we have alot more to do. Anywho! I also try to make him feel special on his day like you do.

mr zig said...

Even though my wife is not my mother she is the mother of my daughter! So of course I'm going to make it a big deal - and especially this year, since its her first year as a mother. - but I will sign my daughters name on the card cuz she was with me when I was shopping :)

MLM said...

Ohh...I have to pipe in. YES, hubby should give me something on mother's day, if he's happy that I'm a mom to his kids!

Yes, I buy the MIL gift and hubby signs his name on the card...yes, I make sure the "kids" get him something nice for Father's Day...something "kiddy" from them and something nice from me!

My dad said the same thing about getting my mom something, and I was like, Are you KIDDING ME?!? She's not your MOM?!?!

You're right! But consider all the things we moms are to our husbands...lovers, friends, cooks, confidants, buddies, work-out partners, maids, cabdrivers, errand-runners, I could go on and on...on top of it all, WE GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR CHILDREN. That fact alone warrants a present every single year, if not sooner. :o)

PS: Just so no one thinks I wrote this out of "sour grapes," (it DOES sound like I'm ranting!)...Hubby bought my a one-time maid service to clean the house as his gift to me (with a card that made me cry) and a $5blockbuster gift card from my toddler. (And on MD itself, he did the meals and bathing so I could nap and relax.) YIPPIEE!!!

Logzie said...

I meant to comment on this the other day but lately I've gotten in the bad habit of sitting down to catch up on blogs and not having enough time to comment...UGH!!

Anyway, I definately think that Husbands should recognize their wives on Mother's Day!!...for all the same EXACT reasons that MLM stated...by the way-you go MLM-right on!...in our house it's a little different. It started way back when we didn't have much money to do anything with and the little extra we did have...my husband would buy me the most hidious gifts EVER with! I would look at him like "are you serious?" and low and behold...he was. I returned so many of his gifts that it became just another errand for me to run. I felt like they were thoughtless...even though he did try really hard. Let me give you an example...one year for my b-day (end of Nov.) he brought home a small evergreen tree maybe about 2 feet high wrapped in some gold foil pot with little foiled christmas gifts as decorations on each limb of this ugly tree. It was $25!!! I know he just walked into the store and picked the first thing he saw. He's terrible at remembered things that I have mentioned liking/wanting. So, we made a pact that on Mother's day, his gift had to be creative and thoughtful and non expensive. He's come up with the coolest things in the past and you can read about this MD on my blog. He designed a card for me one year all by himself on the computer and wrote the words and everything. To me, Mother's Day is a day that I would like to be appreciated and recognized as a Mother and not necessarily with gifts...although if he was a decent gift giver then maybe I would change my mind. Ha!