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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Age: It's only a number, right?

My dad turned 60 on Thursday. That's been about as hard for me to swallow as me turning 30. Sixty just seems so....elderly. My dad is NOT elderly. I'm not sure if I'm in denial about the fact that he is getting older, or if age truely is "JUST" a number and that he's as young and healthy and active as when he was 40 (when I was just a kid). To me, he's the same old dad....nothing has changed other than the color of his hair a little. But then sometimes, when I see him resting more in his recliner or when he's down with an injury (like right now) or when I look at these pictures from his party, I think...maybe I'm being naive? Maybe he is really as old as all the other 60-year-olds out there...!?! I just can't bear to think my years with him are numbered...

Nevertheless, a birthday deserves a party, especially the big "decade" years...so I threw him a party this past weekend and invited all our family and some friends. I had reserved a room for the party so we wouldn't have to cram everyone into my house-which was a great idea-except for the a/c went out that day in the place and it was about 85 degrees! It was HOT in there...and of all things...I had prepared a big chili dinner for everyone! (who'd have thought we'd be having temperatures near 90 in November!?!)

Anyway, the party actually went VERY great regardless of all the sweating we all did! Here are some pics:
This first one is of my mom and dad. Aren't they cute? I am blessed far beyond what words can explain to have had these 2 people as my parents! They (and God) have made me what I am today! I love you sooooo much mom and dad!Dad blowing out his "60" candles! I'm so proud that he wore the silly hat even though I'm sure he didn't want to mess his hair up! Thank you daddy!Me playing Uno with the kids. I never want to "graduate" from the kids table! It's where all the fun is!Me and my hunky hubby! My dad was first....but he holds the key to my heart now-and forever!

The infamous mens "Spades" game: Matt, dad, my brother Doug and my nephew Bobby.Me and my OLDER sister! I'm mad at her for this picture though...she looks younger than I do...and she's ten years older than me! ha ha...just kiddin' Stef!This is my brother Paul, my dad and my brother Doug. See what knuckle-heads I had to deal with all growing up? hee hee


Kate said...

how fun! Gotta love a good birthday party!

The pics are adorable and it looks like your dad is a kid at heart, much like you. You all have his eyes - beautiful! Happy 60th Jen's Dad!

Rene' said...

looks like a lot of fun--love your black shirt-very cute. my parents are 67 and 69, so I know the feeling of beginning to see their "age" in their bodies and actions. We don't think they'll ever get old and act like our grandparents, but truth is, they are beginning to-plus they've BEEN grandparents for over 17 years!so that's a good thing I guess that it took them this long to act or look like it :)

Amos said...

Well, let me tell you, you can relax. My dad turned 85 on November 1st and my oldest brother turns 56 tomorrow. And I am 37. After seeing my dad on Labor Day let me tell you, you have a LONG way to go before your dad will be old. For the first time I actually thought my dad looked old. That's what you get for being the youngest of 11! LOL. Your dad looks AWESOME!!!! And has plenty of great years to go!