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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This -n- That

TV: What shows are ya'll watching these days? Anybody watching The Bachelorette? What about American Gladiators?

Movies: Anybody seen a good movie lately? (either at the cinema or rental)

Winning: As some of you know, our health insuance company has contests all the time and I seem to win almost every time I enter one. (remember when I won $200 worth of free stuff from Adidas?, and $25 gift card to Sports Authority and a $25 gift card to Nike.com and $20 to a health food store, etc?) Well, this past week they had a "Sneaky Recipe" contest. I wasn't going to bother to enter at first, but when I looked and saw that they only had about 5 entries and none of them were very good or very "sneaky" I decided to enter a recipe that Amos gave me for smoothies. The point of the contest was to submit recipes where you could sneak extra nutritents (veggies) in and the people eating it couldn't tell. Well, Amos enlightened me a year or so ago that you can add frozen caulifower to almost any smoothie and you can't taste it. I had to try it to believe it...but now I am a total believer. My kids drink down a whole serving of veggies in their strawberry/banana smoothie and have NO idea that they're drinking something good for them!! Anyway...I said all that to say I WON the contest! -which means I won a $50 gift card to Whole Foods Market! Yippee! $50 to go spend on (way overpriced) health food!

Grant: Grant's dr. called me Tuesday to let me know that the results of the ECG came back and although it does show that he has a leaky valve in the right ventricle of his heart...it is absolutely NOTHING to be concerned about. She said he has no restrictions and can do anything he wants. Praise the Lord! Thank you for all your prayers.
On a different note: When he woke up this morning and came and got in my lap, I noticed that there was something oozing out of his ear. Also, yesterday twice he shrieked when I touched the outside of his ear. At first I was afraid maybe his eardrum had ruptured or something but I took him into the dr. this morning and she said it was just an outer ear infection...swimmers ear. It looks AWFUL...but I guess until the infectoin gets all out, it's gonna keep oozing. They put him on an antibiotic, eardrops and Claritin. The worst part of all is that he can't swim for a whole week!!!! That's gonna be TOUGH !!! Thank God we at least have a slip-n-slide! So much for going to the waterpark Friday though.

Money: I got my mortgage check back in the mail today. Turns out I wrote the check for $6.00 insted of $600.00. Guess they weren't interested in my measly little $6.00. Ha ha!!

Clothes: Nothing fits anymore. For those of you not reading my P90X blog (and I don't blame you--it's boring reading)--Matt has lost 16 pounds so far, and I've lost 9. Our clothes are hanging on us now (especially Matt's jeans). It's a problem I'd take ANYDAY over having my clothes too tight...but it does kind of stink when you can't even show off how small you are because your clothes look like feed sacks. I really don't want to go buy any new clothes yet either because we still have 47 or so more days to go in this program and I am still hoping to lose another 10 pounds. I don't think Matt really wants to lose anymore weight...but he does still have a way to go (muscle-wise) before he's satisfied with his body. I think he's in a size 31 or 32 pants now and I'm in a 6. (man, that feels good to say!!) Kandy if you want to sell any of your old fat pants, I can probably fit them now!! ha ha

Work: I haven't officially begun yet, but I am looking into and probably going to become a BeachBody Coach. BeachBody is the company that sells P90X, along with several other fitness programs. As a coach, I would make a comission off of products that I can sell...but more imporantly, I get to be an encourager and motivator to the people who I can get to sign up through me...or who just want me to be their online coach. Fitness and health are something I am pretty passionate about..and becoming more and more passionate about. If I can make a little money doing something like this that I LOVE...then I'm all for it. I'll let you all know what becomes of this though as I find out more about it.

Father's Day: What are ya'll getting your hubby's for father's day? What are you doing to celebrate?

Okay, well that pretty much sums up everything that's on my mind at the moment. I'll blog more again soon! Love ya'll!


Christy said...

9 pounds, good for you!

I gave my hubby his present today, I couldn't wait. The boys got him a framed picture of the Nebraska football stadium.

Glad to hear the good news from the doctor.

Amy said...

TV shows: We're watching Can You Duet and that's about it right now.

Movies: I've watched Atonement and Juno this week and did not like either of them at all! I thought since they won a lot of awards that they'd be good. Turns out I don't really necessarily like movies that have won tons of awards. Both of those movies were AWFUL in my opinion! What were those critics thinking?!

Winning: YAY! Could you share that smoothie recipe? Sounds like a great thing to make for J's breakfast in the morning! Congrats on winning!

Grant: I am so happy Grant is OK! Will be praying his ear infection goes away quickly!

Father's Day: I got J a new wallet and designed a collage coffee mug and a stainless steel "commuter" mug on Snapfish.com with pics of E. Can't wait to see what he thinks of his gifts.

Sorry such a long comment! Love and miss you like you would not believe. I've really been missing having good friends here and hope to make some new ones soon. Who knew being a SAHM is so lonely sometimes! No one could ever replace my friends back home! :) Love ya!

KC said...

Yea! Congrats on the weight loss and the loose clothing...rub some of your wisdom my way, I'm still struggling to get down to where I normally am in the summer..I keep telling myself it is because I am weight training more now, and have more muscle, since my clothes still fit...but there is just something about seeing the number on the scale reading higher...scares me to death! (BTW my fat jeans were size 11 & 13...now my PMS jeans are size 4/6 and my normal jeans/shorts are a size 3...see, we're almost wearing the same size! you are the incredible shrinking woman! heehee) :) I'm so proud of you!!!

Yea for Grant! Bummer on the ear though, it's going to be long week...

I can't believe how lucky you are! I never win anything, ever, and here you win stuff all the time...you've got to share your secret with me. :)

Movies...I just rented Bucket List, and The List..haven't watched them yet though. As far as TV, I'm not watching anything right now. It's actually very refreshing not to worry about missing my show..we basically leave the TV off, except to watch the news, cartoons, or something we borrowed from the library or rented. It's been really nice!

Father's day...well, my poor hubby asked for crew socks...yes you read that right. He never buys himself "necessities", so all of his socks/underwear are wearing out. So for Father's day, he is getting a huge pack of socks, a huge pack of boxer brief underwear, and a pair of house shoes (since his have blown a seam and have a hole in them now). haha That is so sad isn't it...he's literally falling apart at the seams! hahaahaaa (bad joke, I know, but I couldn't resist). I know it isn't comparable to the TREE we got him last year, but it is something he needs and money is tight, so it is what it is. He knows we love him, and we'll spoil him rotten to make up for lack of creativity in the gift dept. :)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear the good news about Grant. And congrats to you on your workout achievements. You are a very determined girl!

We aren't getting attached to any new shows during the summer. It's nice to have a break, and the evenings are so much longer now, we can finally enjoy some outdoor time.

I've got to try that cauliflower idea sometime. I do have a recipe on my recipe blog for Cauliflower manicotti... same concept. But I never would've thought to put it in a smoothie!!! I'll have to make myself give that one a try ;)

Teresa said...
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