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Friday, June 06, 2008

Party Pooper: What's with people?

(I know...I'm on a Blogging ROLL today!)

So, most of you probably remember a while back when I told you that I was allowing Brooklyn to have an End of the School Year Swim Party for her WHOLE class?!?! This idea actually started back in January when she was having her birthday party. She wanted to invite her whole class but I just couldn't afford that big of a party right after Christmas so I promised her then that we'd do this swim party in the summer. We made up invitations and sent them home with each kid along with a little bag of summertime goodies (snacks, chalk, bubbles) on the last day of school. I requested that the parents R.S.V.P. by Wed. June 4th so that I could know how much food to buy, as I was planning to feed all the kids dinner too. I also mentioned that parents didn't have to stay (which I thought would be a big plus for the parents).
Well, I said all of that to say...today was supposed to be the party. Except NO ONE CAME. Which we knew was going to happen because NO ONE R.S.V.P'd! Can you believe that? The one little girl from Brooklyn's class whose mom said she was going to come, e-mailed me earlier this week to say she couldn't come after all...which meant we had not one single party guest to expect! After all that planning and preparing and high-hopes (for Brooklyn). It about broke my heart because she's been counting down the days for weeks. Anyhow, I just don't get it. Do people really have so much to do that they can't allow their kids to come to a 3 hour party? And I'm not just talking about this party. 3 birthday parties that we were invited to recently from Brooklyn's class where the whole class was invited...and only 2-3 kids showed up at any of them. And they were big, cool parties too. One was at a hotel water park, one at the ice skating rink and one was a pool party. Even for Brooklyn's birthday party, I let her invite 6 friends from school and only 2 showed up. Maybe I'm the weird one here...I take my kids to every birthday party invitation they get. Every. One. I don't know if we've ever missed one actually. Why wouldn't I? Its something fun for the kids to do, free for me (other than a gift) and they usually get fed--Plus they get a reason to see their friends.
What could be the possible reason that 19 different people couldn't bring their kids to this party? I mean, I never expected EVERYone to come...but I had at LEAST hoped that like maybe 5 would come. Anyway, I hope this doesn't sound like a pity party. It's not that at all...its just that I don't understand people these days. Are we THAT busy?
Do you guys take your kids to parties?


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

I just think people are RUDE! I am just like you and love to have parties just like we like to go to b-day parties. I'm sorry no one came. You can do another one for all your blogging buddies and I'll come!! :-)

anonymous mom said...

I am a stickler for RSVP's. I now have a rule. NO SHOW, NO RSVP, NO invite next time.

I recently wrote a blog on my website about how crazy it makes me when people do not rsvp.

Makes me sad for Brooklyn. BTW - love the name. My husband is from Brooklyn.

I run a kids wishlist community for birthdays and holidays. Come join and do your inviting through the site and save headache in the future.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN! I would have come with my boy and girl.

People are just rude and sometimes very thoughtless.

amanda said...

CRAZY! My daughters have only been invited to one birthday party. They're only 3, 2 and 9 months. But we went, we were invited too. :) I was bummed because I had to leave early, but my husband stayed til the end with all three girls. I just can't believe people would miss out on a pool party, well we're from wisconsin, so pool parties can only be held for like three days out of the year. :) Tell Brooklyn to keep her head held high. It just bums me out as a mommy too though. people.

Christy said...

We did a big party for Samuel's 1st birthday and half the people that said they would be there were no shows too. No calls either. I understand your frustration. I am with the NO SHOW NOT RSVP NO invite mommy. My boys are young, but when they start getting more invites we will go to what we can. I am sorry you both had broken hearts over that one. AAAAARRRRRRGH!

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

I remember when I was in around the 4th grade. My parents threw a Christmas party and I was allowed to attend. I got all dressed up and sat on the couch, waiting for the guests to arrive. Not ONE person showed up for that party! I was so disappointed I cried. I have never forgotten that. I am sorry your daughter suffered rejection, too. As a mom, we want to hold that back from our kids, and we just can't.

I wonder if there were prior commitments with sports or something?

Christy said...

Tori is my neighbor, I found your blog from hers :o). I love reading yours, always some adventure!

Tammy said...

That is sooooo rude! I'm so sad for little Brooklyn. Her counting down the days breaks my heart.

We try and go to as many parties as we can for the exact reasons you mentioned - they're fun for the kids, it usually means a free afternoon for me, etc. And we're big party-throwers too! One day a year to celebrate that special person is cool with me :)

Sol said...

I think the other parents are just plain rude. From your blog I can see that you are a great Mum and wish only the best for your kids.

Kate said...

how rude! I'd have my kid there in a heartbeat. People are WAY too over-committed these days, at least that's what I've noticed. Poor Brooklyn - I can only imagine how excited she was. Hope it didn't ruin her day though.

Logzie said...

I am so sorry that Brooklyn suffered that kind of pain and rejection. It's redicilious that people are that rude and unthoughtful. I agree with you completely on all accounts!! I had that kind of rude awakening once we moved back to MI and it hurt pretty badly. Tell her to hang in there and don't be somebody she is not and lower herself to their standards. Keep on blessing people even if it's never ever returned. {{HUGS}} to Brooklyn.

P.S.-we would have come in a split second!!! :)

Shanita Waters said...

You know, your post made me think about the whole party situation differently. Recently a friend of mine invited my kids to her son's party and my car was out of order so we weren't able to go. However I've never been big on parties anyway. But after reading your post I realized how inconsiderate I've been. Thanks a bunch.