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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Thoughts

Well, technically, you could call this "Third Thoughts" because this is the 2nd time I've had 2nd thoughts about SADIE. I'm really not "feelin' it"...and neither is Matt or Brooklyn or Grant. She's sweet and cute, no doubt about it...but she is NOT what I had in mind (or my heart) when I pictured us getting another dog. For one thing, she's WAY bigger than we were wanting. I wanted something around 8-12 pounds. SMALL. Something soft and cuddly and lovey-dovey.
At the moment, she is up to 23 pounds (at 6 mo. old) and is growing EVERY day. I took her to the vet on Feb.8th and she weighed 12 pounds. By March 8th, exactly 1 month later, she weighed 22 pounds! By the looks of it, she has even more growing to do! Remember that little outfit I bought her last week? The green and pink one with ruffly trim? Can't even get it on her now! Plus, her hair is getting more wirey and course with every day. And it's all over everything! You can't touch her wihtout getting hair all over you. ICK! On top of that, she is about the LEAST cuddly dog I've ever met. If she is anywhere near a person...she is biting NON stop. She has YET to ever actually lay calmly on my lap and let me cuddle with her. She likes to lay away from everyone else--on the couch or chair by herself or even in her bed. She hasn't made ANY improvement with the potty training despite my consistent efforts. On top of all of that, she barks ALL the TIME! It's irritating as can be. The kids can't even get down in the floor to play or lay down without her scratching and biting them non-stop. Oh and that's another thing, I actually have SCABS running down my legs 24/7 from her toenails. She jumps up on me all day long and lets her razor-sharp toenails slice through my legs from my thigh to my ankle. It's wearing me out. I've taken her several times to get her nails cliipped and/or filed (grinding) and it doesn't help.
I've tried SO HARD to convince myself I love her. and I do care about her and would only want the best for her...but I am sad. I am sad that we paid a lot of money for her and she is nothing like what they told us. We can't do anything about it because the "shelter" we got her from closed down a few days after we got her. They also had just opened a week or two before we got her. I honestly think it was a total scam. Anyway, I just don't know what to do. I still want a dog--it's not that I regret getting one...I just want the kind of dog I've wanted for years...a little, white, soft, cuddly one.
Another reason for wanting another dog was because as sad as it is to even think about...Sam is fixing to have his 9th birthday. That's getting on up there in dog years..and with his obesity..he'll probably not live THAT much longer. If we're lucky...maybe another 5 years. I wanted to get another puppy now that would steal our hearts so that when he does go, it will be a little easier. At this point, the kids constantly holler, "Mom, Get Her Off of ME!!!!" They don't want anything to do with Sadie. Well, Grant does torture her a lot (chasing her and shooting her with his toy rifle) and I'm sure he gets some pleasure from that....but its not the kind I was hoping for.
What do you guys think? Am I being unreasonable? Selfish? Picky? Aghhhh.......
Plus, what would we do with her? Sell her? No one will probably pay anything for her. She doesn't have papers and we don't even know what breed(s) she is. If only it wouldn't be too crazy to think of having 3 dogs. But that IS indeed CRAZY.

So, I go in the living room to take these pictures to put with this post...and there she is...all sprawled out snoozing on the recliner. Now what's not to love about that? She is clearly "at home" here. Oh me, oh my. Will I grow to love her more with time? Will we all? Matt says, "Get rid of her" anytime I mention having these second thoughts. I guess that's men....way less emotionally attached than us women.


kc said...

Wow, she looks like she is going to be a big dog. From the looks of her though, I would think that she might be a good hunting dog, so I bet someone would want her if you dont.
These pictures are funny! She is definitely "AT HOME"! haha

Tammy said...

I don't think you're being selfish - sometimes its hard to let go of the ideas we have in our mind. I'm very bad about that too. When you build things up so much and the reality isn't what you imagine - its disappointing. I will say this - the picture of her spread out like that is too funny! I would keep her just for that reason. HA! I think maybe more time is needed - you haven't had her very long. And if it doesn't work out in the end, you'll find her a good home.

Anonymous said...

Did you not already adopt one dog, just to turn around and send it back? Its not fair to the animals or your family. Sadie has (by the looks of the pictures) grown comfortable with you and to get rid of her now would upset her. (Yes dogs have feelings too) Not to mention what type of message will it send to you children? Animals are replaceable play things? if you don't like someone get rid of them? Maybe this would be the time to teach them a lesson in tolerance, or the gravity of some life choices.

MLM said...

I think I have to politely disagree with Anonymous...sure, dogs have feelings, but not like humans do. And if Sadie is biting and scratching your children, then I would get rid of the dog. Children come first. I'm not saying to "put the dog down" but to find her a good home.

My personal opinion is that you really really wanted something and may have gotten taken advantage of by the sellers (given that they've since shut down, the high price they charged you without papers and such, AND the fact that your dog isn't the breed that would ever be the size you wanted). So maybe you got suckered or talked yourself into it because you thought you really really wanted it. Okay, lesson learned.

Dogs, unlike kids, are returnable. And you can still teach your children lessons:

1. You teach the kids that they come first.

Kids, if this dog is hurting you and bothering you, then no matter how much Mommy wanted a dog, the dog goes.

2. You teach the kids that parents can make mistakes too.

Kids, Mommy made a mistake. I should have waited until I found the dog breed I wanted (one that wouldn't grow beyond 12 pounds), from a reputable store, with papers, etc. (This will help the kids learn how to buy dogs themselves and how to wait before rushing into any purchase.)

3. You teach the kids that all choices have consequences...some more permanent and painful than others.

This choice (to buy and then return a dog) has some painful consequences: The family has been affected by the dog's ill treatment towards them, the family has invested time and affection that will now take time to "uninvest," and Mommy and Daddy lost good money that had been saved up. BUT...we can return this dog. Kids, there are some choices in life that you can't "return." God will always love you and forgive you when you ask Him to, but some consequences last forever. Thankfully, this isn't one of them.

Whew. I know that was a long comment, but I was a little irked by Anonymous' comment and wanted to add some opinions and "life lessons" of my own.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

THANK YOU MLM. I have no idea who "anonymous" is...but I think they must either not have children...or they're those people who think animals ARE people. I promise you..Sadie would adapt just fine if we decide to find her a new home. She's a puppy for goodness sakes and she loves people. We love her...but she is replacable. I didn't sign a marriage contract or a birth certificate--so it's not "till death do us part" necessarily.
I appreciate everything you said MLM. Thanks!

Logziella said...

Go MLM!!!! You had fantastic comments/advice!

MJ-I think you should return the dog just because annonymous left that comment! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

dogs have feelings??? WHAT??? That's news to me!!

dogs are NOT people

dogs like anyone who gives them attention

Sadie will not be forever damaged if you find her a new home

that first annonymous needs to get a life and mind his/her own business

Bridgett Hayes said...