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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dirty Laundry

Will you guys do this with me?

I wonder.....how many loads of laundry do we mom's do a week? I decided to keep count and see. I put a post it next to the start button of my washing machine. I am going to write down each load of laundry I do for 7 days and see what I come up with. You guys do it too and we'll see who does the most laundry in a week. I'm also curious...what kind of detergent do you use? Powder or liquid? Do you use fabric softner? What kind? Do you wash all on cold? All on hot? Or a mixture of both? Do you follow the guidelines on your measuring cup and only fill to the 1 line for a small load, to the 2 line for a medium load and to the 3 line for a large load?
Feel free to leave me your answers and at the end of the week, we'll see how we stack up!


MissGotWings said...

not a mom, but I'll contribute.

4 loads a week: Darks, Mediums, Whites, Towels. Only the whites get hot water and a boost of OxyClean, everything is is washed in cold. Liquid detergent, no dyes or perfumes, detergent has fabric softener in it. Dryer sheets. there ya go :)

Logziella said...

I only do 3 loads per week. That's only because I now have a COMMERCIAL SIZE washer and dryer and those suckers are HUGE. I love them. But before we moved...with my old W&D I used to do between 5 and 6 loads per week.

I use whatever detergent is on sale and I switch my fabric softners because I love all of the smells and always want to try something different. Currently I am using Arm & Hammer detergent and Downy (purple) fabric softner.

I put my fabric softner in a downey ball.

I have never paid attention to what setting I use...hot...cold...hmmm...that's a good question.

I seperate them by towels, whites and the rest.

Amy said...

Ooh, tomorrow is laundry day at our house. Will have to count and let you know. :)

taking care of 6 said...

Fun - what a great idea to see what others do. For me it's what I have time for, so I'll try to keep track. So far since Monday, I've done 4 loads with the 5th currently in the washer. Does it count if Koz did the first 2?

I have a front loader washer so I use HE liquid detergent. Lately, "ALL" from Target b/c it seems to be the cheapest. And it is concentrated so I don't have to deal with a honkin big bottle.

I am very anal about my laundry. Thus the multiple loads. I do whites with bleach, on cotton cycle, warm/warm. I then separate into 3 additional piles: lights, darks, and reds (included are pinks and purples - always a large load!). Those are each done on delicates, cold/cold. Then there are the dark towels and the light towels. These don't have to be done every week b/c there are so many. But they are done on cotton, hot/cold.

Finish em off in the dryer with a softner sheet - either downey or snuggly thing.

Probably sounds insane to separate so thoroughly. But actually, each load is always really big.

Amos said...

My usual is 4 loads per week. Whites done on hot, just jeans done on warm, light colors done on warm, and dark colors done on cold. I use Gain Original with powder, don't really have to measure with a front loading machine, usually I only have to use half of the cup that the detergent provides. And my fabric softener is Downy Clean Breeze. I haven't switched any of that in a long time. Not every week I add a load of towels, load of sheets, and a load of rugs. But that is usually every week and a half or so. I try to do laundry all on one day because I get sick of looking at it. But lately it is not happening that way.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

So when are you going to have time to keep track of this too?? J/K.

I am interested in how much I do. I don't really seperate...too much time! I do the babies clothes together and Haile's in with it if it's not too much. I wash my hubby & I's clothes together and his work clothes seperately. All is washed on cold. Towels are washed on hot. I use Liquid Tide and a sheet of Bounce w/frebreeze fabric softener. I think I'm going to request a new washer/dryer for our next house. Less laundry the happier mommy is!!

Domestic Diva said...

Laundry day...monday, about 4 to 5 loads.

All on cold except the towels and sheets and undies...always on hot.

I use Gain and Downy...but considering switching to dryer sheets for something different. But I am afraid I may forget to put it in.

I also separate towels, undies, mediums, darks....

Fun post!!! :)

Beverly said...

I do a ton of laundry but I have never actually kept up with it to see how much, I will for the next week and let you know. I use liquid Tide laundry soap and liquid downy with febreze in the downy ball. With the rising cost of everything though I am considering switching to something cheeper as long as it gets it clean and it still smells good when it gets done. I wash the towels, jeans, and whites in hot water. The other stuff in cold.

Tammy said...

I do at least 7 loads a week - my husband has A LOT of sweaty workout clothes from running at home and then lifting with his players. YUCK! I have to stay on top of it or I'll be buried.

I use liquid Tide and Bounce sheets.

I do most things on cold - except whites and I do them on hot.

jenelle said...

Interesting question and I'll be different than most due to a son with eczema. I can't use anything with perfumes, harsh soaps/chemicals. I can't use any fabric softener on anything he'll come in contact with regularly.

So I do about 6-8 loads a week (usually monday)because I have to seperate out all the kids stuff and their sheets/towels. Also, we don't have a driveway or grass yet so the boys go through several outfits a day. Mojonah tipped me on to using vinegar as a fabric softener which works great but doesn't help static. I use the Tide Free HE for my front loader. Ranked one of the highest on consumer reports and I would agree.

Whites=hot w/bleach, Light colors=warm, Darks=cold

MLM said...

Ooops. My hubby does the laundry. We made a deal long ago that he did the clothes because if left to me, we'd have nothing clean to wear. When baby came along, I offered to do his clothes but Hubby still does ours. I don't think I'll ask him to keep track this week, because that will probably backfire and lead somewhere I don't want it too. :o)

Anonymous said...

Our kids are grown so I usually only do about 5 loads per week; whites/towels, jeans, darks, lights, & sheets. Sometimes it runs to 7 loads if we have to do more than one load of jeans, sheets, or towels. I use liquid Cheer, liquid Downy, and liquid OxyClean. I use Clorox bleach for the towels, sheets, and undies. I love the liquid Cheer because it keeps darks looking good.

I use cold for all my loads since I don't think to check the setting, and I am afraid if I set it on hot I would forget and shrink my good clothes! Saturday is laundry day since I work Monday thru Friday.

Debbie (kc's Mom)