II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have an odd question:

I know this is a strange question...but I am so intrigued by the possible answers to it, that I can't resist asking it. I would love to hear from every one of you...even if you don't know me very well. Feel free to be brutally honest and you can have as many answers as you want. As a matter of fact, the more answers, the better. You can also feel completely free to leave your comment anonymously if you want. So here it is:
If you were me, what would you change about me?

I just think that sometimes seeing ourselves though other peoples eyes can help us to see ourselves more clearly (or at least from a different angle) and then we make adjustments as needed.

God's opinion of me is the most important and that is the standard by which I hold myself...but I'd still like to know what you guys think.

Finish this sentence, "I love Jen...if only she would be more/less_________"

I know this is kinda silly....so don't take it too seriously. Just indulge me. :o)


MissGotWings said...

"I love Jen . . . . . if only she would be less critical of herself and not care about what others think of her, rather see exactly the qualities we love so much about her."

which btw is EXACTLY what a struggle with, so here I am giving you advice that is so hard for me to follow. We gotta talk girlfriend. Here we are with these beautiful lvies and we're trying to change ourselves when most people would give anything to be us for a day.

kc said...

I was just fixin to write "I love Jen...if only she would be HERSELF and not care what other people think!". :)
Jen, you are an amazing child of God, and you are beautiful on the inside AND the outside! I love your quirky little personality, and the way you inspire me to continue with my own personal fitness goals.
Love ya!

smiling's my favorite said...

How 'bout when we're are in bikini's by the pool, your beautiful tan and amazing legs put me to shame.:)
No really, you are pretty hard on yourself... so JUST STOP IT already... hehe

Logziella said...

Honestly, I have to echo the others...that's exactly what I was going to write. Well...except I have not seen your amazing legs or awesome tan but...LOL!!

Seriously, I wish so badly that you could see yourself the way we see you...the way you really are...I'm afraid that you will look back on this time and be sad that you worried so much about all fo this. I know that I have done that. I can look back on certain times in my life that I didn't exactly think were fantastic 'then' but now I think 'man, I had it together...and I thought I was fat?...no way...I wish I could go back!' I wish I would have enjoyed that time back then more. And, I'm no fool...I am sure at some point in time I'll look back at this 'time' in my life and think the same things. My current goal is to "live in the moment" more. I know it sounds cleche but it really has tons of meaning for me right now.

My prayer for you is that you would see yourself the way we all see you and see just how fantastic~amazing~beautiful~thoughtful~kind~generous~hilarious~REAL~Godly~wonderful person you are Jen!!

I love you so much!!

tori said...

i agree with all the other comments as well. you are way too critical on yourself and you're an amazing person!!!!!

love ya sister,

Tammy said...

So it looks everyone agrees: it seems you're too hard on yourself. You're a BEAUTIFUL girl, a good Christian, fantastic wife and mother. A total package, my friend. Don't change a thing ;)