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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it just me?

I don't know if its coincidence or if everybody has this kind of trouble...but I seem to only have bad luck when it comes to ordering things online. I've never been a big fan of online shopping...but when e-bay came out, I tried it a few times. Then I tried selling on e-bay a few times. Those were both negative experiences as the items I ordered weren't exactly what the pictures looked like and when I tried to sell..my stuff sold for so little and I charged so little for shipping, that I actually LOST money on the deal! Then the last thing I ordered on e-bay never did get to me. I had to go through the whole dispute thing and eventually, like a month later, I did get my money refunded...but still..what a pain!
Then came Craig's List. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. For the most part, it has been. But lately, it's been making me crazy. The last 3 things I've sold or tried to sell...have been PAINS in the BUTT! Yesterday I drove all the way to T-town (30 min. drive) to meet some lady in the Wal-Mart parking lot so she could buy my carseat. It's a nice carseat and we only used it occasionally for a 2nd seat in Matt's truck. I know it's worth more...but I'm only asking $20. I posted it 3 days ago and I have had a boat-load of responses. Anyway, this was the first lady who wanted to buy it and meet me somewhere. I had posted 3 pictures of it with lots of details about it and I even have all the original manuals and tags and stuff. So we get to our meeting spot and she looks at it for about 15 minutes and then says she'll call me. WHAT? You mean to tell me I just planned my WHOLE day around this event and I'm not even getting my $20. And to top it off...I totally thought she was buying it so before we met up, I ran in Wal-Mart and bought Brooklyn a Hannah Montana beanbag that she's been wanting for $20...and I ONLY bought it because I knew the $20 was coming for the carseat in a few minutes. ARGH!!
Also, I started ordering a few things online from places like the Gap. It was all good and convenient until I started getting things in the wrong size or not the things that I ordered. Grrr.... Sure, I can easily take them back to the store with no hassle...but it IS a hassle to load up the kids and go to the mall to return something that I didn't even ask for!
And now...my latest ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT...is this dang P90X system I ordered off E-bay. I bid on it for about 2 weeks...finally won it for $165 on Apr. 2 and I've been waiting to receive it ever since. I was told by the seller it takes 7-10 days. Of course, I've contacted them several times and apparently they are foreign because they can't even type in complete sentences or with proper english--mixing up present and past tense, wrong use of verbs and pronouns. Anyway, here we are, 22 days later...$165 less in my bank account and still no P90X. AUGH!! I have told them that if I don't receive it by tomorrow (Friday) I will file a dispute. Supposedly they "are shipped the items again". What does that mean? I am going to get 2 of them eventually? (rolling my eyes) I doubt that, although it would be nice for all the trouble. Don't they KNOW that I am getting fatter and fatter by the minute? Every day that the P90X system doesn't come...I am 1 day further away from having my "ripped in 90 days" body. They are totally messing up swimsuit season for me!
Ha ha.
I'll let you know if/when it comes. I actually checked the tracking number on DHL's website a minute ago and it shows estimated delivery date of 4/23. Yesterday. So, surely it will get here today!?!?


Amy said...

What a pain! I've bid on stuff on Ebay a lot and had mostly good experiences. One time I did get the wrong thing and I probably should have contacted the seller and returned the item for a refund or at least get them to send the right thing but it was a small thing and it was a time-sensitive thing (I think it was for Valentine's Day or something) and it would have been too much of a hassle and taken too long to fix. But I have ordered probably a hundred times or more (small items usually and all in the course of about 5 years) from Ebay and Amazon and never had more than one or two things that were wrong. I've even ordered two or three big ticket items online and had no problems. (Cubs tickets, a new printer, a camcorder) Sorry you've not had good experiences! What a pain!

MissGotWings said...

yikes! I only had one bad experience so far - with used textbooks. But I have yet to sell anything. Hope your P90X arrives soon - let me know how you like it. I've heard some others talk about it too.


Logziella said...

Wow girl...that's nuts!! I have had amazing experiences with EBAY and Craig's List. I ordered my kids previous loft bed online and had it shipped by freight from CA and that went off w/o a hitch. I ordered our Wii that way too. I can honestly say that I have not had any problems ordering things that way.

You should start praying over your computer each time your order...LOL!! Just kidding! I am sorry...those little things tick me off too and they are a major time waster for a busy Mom. Sorry!!!

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Hang in there! I've bought a couple things off ebay and they've turned out to be okay. I'm to chicken to sell. So.....do you still have a car seat? We'll need to buy one for my car and one for my husbands truck for Gunner pretty soon! Let me know!

kc said...

oh no! That is irritating! I've never had any major problems buying/selling online. But I don't do it often..so maybe I've just been lucky.

Amos said...

I have a rule that if I am selling something, and someone wants it bad enough, they MUST come to me. And if they sound like a creep or something, then I meet them at the closest place to my house. It probably cost you almost $20 in gas just getting to the lady who didn't buy your stuff!! glad that you finally got your P90X. I sooooooo want to see it, since soon we will have a workout room in our new house.

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

This happens to me all the time. I sold this car to junk my car.com and they said it would be 4-6 weeks well 8 weeks later I called and they said it should be there today or tomorrow and sure enough it came the next day! That is just how things work.

taking care of 6 said...

I haven't done much with ebay or craigs list. I think of it, but then it sounds like too much work... the selling part that is. Usually my stuff ends up with a friend or at Goodwill. Wish I could be more seller savvy though. I do like Amos' suggestion of having the buyer come to you... very wise.