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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Please tell me you know what NKOTB stands for?
Thanks to Tammy (again) for letting me in on the big secret that my first-teenage-crush boys are back! Yep, they're makin' music again. But for now...here's a glimpse into your (my) past!
For those of you who gag just thinking about NKOTB, I promise to not leave this song on here for more than a day or two. But...I can't guarantee I won't replace it with another one! ha ha
Who else was in love with one of these guys during your early junior high years?


kc said...

Sorry Jen. I hated them. My parents never would let me listen to anything but Christian music, so I never got into them. Plus we always made fun of the girls at my school for having huge crushes on these goofy looking boys! haha :) Sorry!!!!

MissGotWings said...

I wanted Jonathan SO bad. Go figure. He was never the popular one, never the cute one. But I liked him b/c he was shy and more mature. I was so head over heels in love with them (or so I though it was lvoe at the time - haha). Name any song and I'll sing it. Oh how I miss my NKOTB sleeping bag and sheets and the giant buttons I used to wear on my jean jacket. Those were the days.

Logziella said...

I was never a fan and really don't know anything they sang...

I feel so out of it! LOL!!

Beverly said...

This is so funny my sister and I were sitting looking though People magazine the other night laughing our heads off at how we had such huge crushes on these guys that wore these googy looking get ups. Now back in junior high I was the biggest fan, it was NKOTB everything. They were awesome!

Tammy said...

Heck yeah - the New Kids ruled!
And sadly, I was not in junior high - I was a sophomore in high school at the height of their popularity. Definitely not cool but I didn't care. Jonathan and I were going to get married :)

One of my all time favorite songs "Tonight." You can post that one next. HA!!

NKOTB Reunion said...

It's Official! NKOTB is Reunited and BACK!
I just love New Kids On The Block!
Listen to their new song called 'Click Click Click' over at www.NKOTBReunion.com
Have Fun!