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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Friday, January 20, 2006

What's it amount to?

Hi everyone! My mom and I took the kids to Carls Jr. for lunch today. I have never been a big fan of Carls Jr. and I am especially NOT a fan now that we got our french fries with hairs in them! DISGUSTING!!! But anyway, we went there because they have this huge, cool playset thing that Brooklyn has been begging me to take her to since we moved to this area. So anyway, after we ate, and the kids were playing, I began thinking..."I wonder how much a big playset thing like this would cost?" So I asked my mom if she had any idea. She said that when restrurants first started putting them in, she checked into the prices and that they were very expensive. I said, "Like what? $10,000 or something?" and she said "Yah, that's about right." Okay, so at first that sounds like a lot of money..but then I started breaking it down...my kids would play on something like that for at least 10 years between the two of them. So, that is a thousand dollars a year--which is 83 dollars a month---which is approximately 20 dollars a week--which is a mere 60 cents a day. I would gladly pay 60 cents a day for something that would keep them occupied for a while each day and give them some exercise (this was proven when Brooklyn was dripping with sweat and very red-faced after about 20 minutes of play today). So, now I just need to find someone who will let me pay them out in 60-cent-a-day increments for one of those playset things! Ha Ha....
Anyway, what this post was really supposed to be about was how interesting it is to find out how much you really spend on things when you add them up by the month or year. For instance, Matt and I both have to pay a 40 cent toll everytime we go anywhere from our new house. So, on a minimum, assuming we only go into town once a day 6 days a week...we are spending $9.60/week on tolls...which is about $38.40/month or $460.80/year!!! That doesn't include the fact that we both have to fill up our vehicles with gas about every 5 days which costs approximately $80 each time (for both of us)which comes out to $5,840/year!!! Add that with the amount we pay on tolls and we are spending over six thousand dollars a year (not including car payments) just to get back and forth to work and church!
Oh, and anyone who has ever bought a house knows how completely depressing it is to see how much you will have paid for your house at the end of 30 years!!!
Okay, I won't bore you with any more of my "figuring" but if you have a minute or two...pick something out that you do regularly such as getting your nails done or eating out...and multiply the cost times the number of times you do it a year and I promise, you'll be shocked at how much you really spend!
Okay, that is your math lesson for today! hee hee


Anonymous said...

Ok Jenn I have one for you! Everyday my mom and I go to Sonic for our fix for the day. Each day we spend $2.17 (not including the tip)so that is $15.19 so that is around $60.76 a month which equals $729.12 a year. Then if you add the tips in that is .50 a day $3.50 a week $14 a month and $168 a year. SO in total for our two large sonic drinks we spend $897.12 Crazy!!!