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Thursday, January 19, 2006

How can a pair of cotton panties cost $21???

Okay girls...this is probably a strange topic to share with the world...but I just want to know how many of you agree that underwear are way overpriced? I was in Dillards today and saw that they had tubs of underwear for $2.99/each. I thought, "Wow! That's not bad." So, I begin studying and analyzing each of them and making myself a small pile. (Guy's wouldn't understand, but all of us girls know how important it is that the waistband and legs of panties be wide enough, not too tight and if you're into the stringy kind...well, you gotta make sure that's to your liking too.) So anyway, I make my final selections and head to the register to check out. But, as the lady begins ringing them up, I notice they aren't ringing up for the promised $2.99. I point that out to the saleswoman who then points me to the fine print on the sign that says "and up". UGH! I hate those two little words when referring to sale signs. It's just a ploy to make you think that there is some real great deal...when there might actually be only one lone item on the rack that is actually that low price...the rest are in the "and up" category. So, back to my story...the underwear that I had picked, of course, were actually on sale for $5, $7 and $9. I settled for only getting the $5 pair but what I am referring to when I say underwear are way overpriced is that...those underwear were originally $10, $14 and $18!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK! I am talking cotten undies...not Victoria Secret lacy things or anything. I admit, the most expensive ones were Ralph Lauren, but still...who, in their right mind, would spend $18 for a pair of cotton panties? Maybe I am just cheap? I am the one who had never spent more than $12 on a bra until this past year when I was introduced to Gap Body who makes an AWESOME bra! It's $36 for the one I like...but it's totally worth it. But then there is Victoria Secret...I could spend a fortune in there. You can't even get a simple satin nightgown in there for less than about 60 bucks.
Okay, well, back to reality..I could probably write a book on shopping so I better put a stop to this! I need to go get dinner ready. Tonight must be a special occasion...I am cooking a $15 brisket, squash and zucchini, mashed potatoes, salad and rolls...and wearing $5 panties (orginally $10)!!! Ha Ha!


Amy said...

You crack me up! I totally agree with you that undies should NOT be that expensive!!! That's ridiculous! Man, I wish I still lived there, I've developed quite the shopping addiction and it is just not very much fun shopping w/men, you know? Jason's great and all, but he can't shop like you!
Love and miss you,

Anonymous said...

I would have laughed at the clerk and said keep the things! Unless they are dipped in gold no undies that expensive would be on me! I'm cheap!!!