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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take a look

Here are a whole slew of pictures for your viewing enjoyment! :o) On Saturday, I took Brooklyn and 4 of her little girlfriends out to get their nails done, have pizza at a cool little pizzeria and then to The Melting Pot for chocolate fondue. Before we left, Matt suggested getting the camera out for a few pics of me and my girlie--and Bonus! We were dressed all matchy-matchy (totally not planned though!) Here we are together--cheezing for the camera!
My beautiful little girl. Gosh, how can she be EIGHT already? It seems like just yesterday she was my little bald baby....but then again...to look at her in these pictures...she looks like a little minature teenager. Ohh...how I miss the days she actually SAT and FIT in my lap!
One more of the two of us. I wish Matt had pointed the camera down a little further. We both have on our new brown furry boots that come up to our knees! So cute and sassy!
Of course, mommy couldn't let the photo session end without snapping one of Daddy and his "little girl". Ps. YAY for Daddy doing a work out while me and Brooklyn go out!! Pss. Notice my Mr. Tough Guy is holding little Kinley on his lap! hee heeHere Brooklyn is getting her nails done.

After the nails, we walked over to the pizzeria. Much to our delight and surprise, the owner offered for all the girls to come in back and make their own pizza!!

Then they brought her out a Hostess ding-dong with a candle in it and sang her a very New-Yorky version of Happy Birthday to You! (Seriously..these are the coolest pizza guys EVER!)
A special thank you to my friend, Rachael, for coming along and helping me keep things under control!
On Sunday after church, we let Brooklyn pick where she wanted to go out to eat. She picked Texas Roadhouse (because you can throw stuff on the floor, she said! ha!) After that we came home and had cake and iceceam and she opened her presents.
Here I am GUILTY of having a big peice of cake stuffed in my mouth! (thanks mom!)


Tammy said...

What a COOL birthday! Brookyln looks so happy!! Nails, a cool pizza place, the Melting Pot (love that place!), gifts, cake AND Texas Roadhouse?! WOW! Such a wonderful celebration for such a special little girl.

P.S. Mason loves Texas Roadhouse for the EXACT same reason as Brookyln :)

Tammy said...

I think I have Brooklyn dyslexia. I got a letter backwards - TWICE! Sorry sweet girl ...

Simmons Girlz said...

So I see Matt with the fu-fu dog! Hehehehe....why arent there pictures of the go-cart? Not even a mention, whats up with that?

Chief Rock Chef said...

That is a great way to celebrate. That pizza place sounds so cool - nothing is more fun that making your own pizza!

My daughter will be 13 soon. We will have to think of something cool for her and her friends to do.

Kate said...

How fun! Sounds like her big day was a blast!

Rissalee said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. But I noticed none of the chefs were wearing hairnets in the kitchen! :o)

Demi Eliese said...

She is sooo cute!! What a great birthday you gave her!