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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Planning for Love

So, Valentines Day is exactly one month from today. Have you begun your planning?
I know I'm one of the rare few (in my circle anyway) who think Valentines Day is a big deal. I start thinking about it almost immediatly following Christmas. We've talked about this on here before...but as it is quickly approaching again, my mind has already begun to start spinning out a plan for love and romance for me and my sweetheart.
Speaking of big, fancy plans....why am I always like that? Every year I scheme up some fantastic Valentines Day in my head...and every year I'm disappointed. Like this year for instance...Matt will have been at work all day. He'll come home tired, no doubt. He won't be in the mood for rushing home, getting showered and dressed and running off somewhere (because he never is) so I don't know how I'm going to make a big to-do by us all just staying at home. Guess I'll have to get really creative....
Or...maybe I should just shut down the planning department right now and just do the simple little card and candy thing like the rest of America and act like it's not a big deal to show the person who you're madly, deeply in love with that you still have the hots for them. It only comes ONE time a year...but that doesn't seem to matter to most people. Of course I love him EVERY day and I look for ways to show him all the time...but this is different. This is one day set aside from the other 364 to say--"Look baby..you are my knight in shining armor--my prince charming--the man I want to spend every day and every night with until the moment my heart stops beating." Most days I just say "I love you" but this day, I like to elaborate just a little more! :o)
So...is there anyone else out there who is with me on this? Or am I the only goofball who thinks like this?

***Update***Woops! I looked over at my calander and saw the 14th was on a Wednesday...but DUH! I was looking at January not February! Thanks to my friend Jodi for pointing that out! So...I guess my big fancy-schmancy plans can continue after all. Woohoo! and no, Amos, he won't be working all day--since it's a Saturday and NOT a Wednesday! Hooray! :o)


Chief Rock Chef said...

Valentines Day has never been a big thing for us - in fact, last year was the first time we actually did ANYTHING to mark it! For years my wife said that if I ever bought her anything for Valentines Day it would be a sign that I was cheating!

This year? Probably nothing spectacular, but a nice meal for the 2 of us and a movie seems likely.

Jodi said...

We don't do too much on the actual day. A nice card that we write mushy things in, maybe some flowers and a nice dinner at home. We just hate going out that night b/c it's always SO packed everywhere. While I think the idea of Valentine's Day is nice, I really also think that it shouldn't take a calendar telling me to celebrate love to do it either. I try to do it everyday. Brent's birthday is also 2 days later, so sometimes we combine and celebrate both. It really just depends on what's going on.

Another thing...Valentine's Day is right by President's Day so that's a long weekend off school. So...my in-laws generally come visit us that weekend. Kinda stinks really...we couldn't go out if we wanted since they live far away and only come for 2 days.

And, by the way, Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year, not Wednesday?? If it's a weekend, we just might have to do something... :)even if they are here...

Kate said...

we still make that day a little more special, but nothing extravagant. But really to us, it's the other 364 days that matter just as much. We get each other cards and a small gift, but then we celebrate it the simple way we celebrated our 1st v-day together (and I'll keep that to myself :) We're big on traditions, not too big in upgrading every year, so it means a lot to us to celebrate it the same way every year.

Amos said...

He has to work all day on Saturday now? We have plans to attend the banquet held by our church. You could join us if you want, it's on the 13th, the night before Valentines. I'll email you about it.

Teresa said...

I see both sides of the equation. For the first MANY years of our relationship and then marriage, I had high expectations and hopes and each yeat they were dashed (I can admit now that I was being way too fairytale like and that's so not the real world) and then I kinda stopped expecting anything and getting hurt b/c it didn't happen...I guess I matured. I started to see that one day didnt' matter that much and that he really does show me his love everyday of the year by always putting me first and meeting my needs.

Then life got really busy like 4 years ago...CRAZY busy and I've been in a pattern of "if not doing 'this or that' is not going to cause anyone to DIE then I can skip it" mode and I don't know if it's because the pressure is off him now or what but now my husband likes to remember and give a small gift, write me a love letter and make it special. Now I'm the dork who forgets and has nothing for him! I feel terrible about it but what's the saying "you can't get blood from a turnip" right? I just don't have the time or energy for anything other than keeping up with daily life and thankfully he understands that. :)

Rissalee said...

I loved this post. So heartfelt and well-written. Good stuff. Made me get excited about planning my own Valentine's Day...then I remembered that my MIL will be staying with us and that my hubby probably WILL be working that night...so I hope all goes well with YOU! And, no, you're not the only one who wants Valentine's Day to be special. The CEO of Hallmark does too! :o) And me too, of course!