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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Never mind--It won't do after all

So...that ring I did a whole post about a few days ago...well, never mind. I took that ring back today. It's fallen off my finger several times over the past couple of days. I figure even though it was only $11.49, it's still worth nothing to me if I can't keep it on my finger. Grrr....
After checking practically every department store in this town for a fake diamond ring--I'm confident in saying there aren't any to be found in a size 6 or smaller. Apparently sz. 7 is the standard size and that's what you're stuck with unless you wanna pay the big bucks. So, I stopped by a jewlery store today and asked about a simulated diamoned I've been hearing about. It's called Moissanite. The lady told me the 4 carat round is $39.99 and the 2 carat would probably be about $29.99 and then it's like $165.00 to have it set in 14k white gold. JACKPOT!!! She was going to check on it and call me Monday. So, I tell Matt about it and I am so excited because these are GORGEOUS stones and for only about $200 I can have a 2 carat "diamond" ring in 14k gold!!! YIPPEE!! (now imagine the sound of a car coming to SCREECHING halt) because that is what just happened to my little fairytale I had going on in my head. I came home and googled "Moissanite" and a website popped up with lots of beautiful rings. The problem was...the were WAYYYY more than what I had been priced. Hummm....that's weird, I thought. Then it dawned on me (lightbulb moment) when she said the 4 carat was $39.99 she meant $3,999.00!!!!!! OH! MY! GOSH! No WONDER she was so happy to be helping me! She thought I was considering buying a four thousand dollar ring!! I feel like SUCH an idiot!! At least now when she calls me with the grand total for the 2 carat princess cut in 14k white gold, I won't be shocked that its close to $3000 and not the $175-$200 that I was expecting!!
SHUCKS!!!! I'm SO disappointed now... :o(


amanda said...

lol. i like the screeching halt. praying you find something you like!! FYI: my word verification is smulacut...i see "smaller cut". lol. too funny.

Rissalee said...

Funny story!!

Have you ever been to overstock.com? I get jewelry from there all the time and have never been disappointed. They have "imitation" stuff that looks just like the designer versions, but in sterling silver and for A LOT less. They probably have plenty of rings in size 6. Check it out!