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Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Deoderant Debate/Decision

So, I went out and I bought 2 new kinds of deoderant. Secret Clinical Strength and Degree UltraClear. Both have been suggested to me by people who know their stuff when it comes to sweating and smelling good.
Here's the low down:
Secret Clinical:
I was skeptical at first because I really wanted a "solid" and this is more like a whipped up version of a solid. It actually comes out in like a cream or lotion. I wasn't too keen on having to turn the dial and "click" it up each day. I put my deoderant on immediately after I lotion myself up...so my fingers were too slippery and I had to use a towel. However, once on, it amazingly vanished into my skin and left NO residue. It has a nice, light scent and seemed to still smell nice the next day---UNTIL I worked out. After a vigoros 2 hour work out...I was just as stinky as if I hadn't even worn any deoderant. So...as if the almost $8 price tag wasn't bad enough...this was the straw that broke the camel's back. This one is the LOSER in my book.

Degree UltraClear:
At $3.74, I wouldn't necessarily call this cheap (other brands the same size were selling for $1.99) but, still nothing compared to $8 for the clinical stuff. The scent was clean and fresh but still very, very light. I actually would have preferred to have a little bit of a stronger scent. However...as I wore it thoughout the day, I would actually catch a whif of my pits every now and then while lifting my arm in the air and it smelled really nice. It goes on ULTRA clear--just as the name claims and didn't even make a smudge on my tight black tank top this morning! The real plus though came after I had applied the deoderant a few nights ago before bed. Wore it all day the following day and then did a strenuous SWEATY workout that evening. Afterwards---I smelled JUST as fresh as when I had put it on 24 hours earlier! This deoderant is definitly the WINNER in my book.
I just KNEW you were all wanting to know about all this! ha ha ha ha ha


KC said...

That is VERY good to know! Thank you for sharing the results of your "clinical trial". LOL! :)
I may have to give that kind a try now...