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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Well, what a lot of stuff I have to tell you about!

Let's see...first of all, Matt's little brother and his wife and their son came to visit us on Thursday night. It's always fun having them around...and the kids LOVE having their cousin, Jax to play with!

Friday we got up and went to the lake. The kids had a blast on the tube (including the adult-aged kids) and we all got plenty of sun.

After that we came home and grilled out dinner and the kids swam some more in the pool.

Saturday we (the girls and kids) slept till 10:00 am!!!! When I woke up, Matt had pretty much decided we needed to sell the boat. We've had our share of troubles with it and since Matt is the one who has to deal with it, plus he hates pulling that LONG trailer--I figured he should get to make the choices about it. I wasn't happy about it...but we listed it on Craig's list and we sold it almost immediately!
Saturday afternoon we headed to Incredible Pizza for some games and food. Right after we ate, they announced that they were having a Hula-hoop contest and that there would be prizes! I grabbed Brooklyn's hand and drug her over there. She ended up being too scared to do it, so I asked the guy with the microphone to ask if any other adults wanted to challenge me!! Sure enough, I got another mom and a dad to go up against me. Neither of them could hold a candle to my hot hula-hoopin hips though. :o) For some reason, hula-hooping has always come VERY natural to me and I think I could probably do it for hours on end without losing my rhythm. I ended up winning $10 in game cards!

Then a couple of hours later, they announced they were having a dance-off. This time, Brooklyn thought she would do it, so back over there we went. Both of the kids wanted to do it...but were too scared, so I got out there with them and danced too! I can't believe how un-self-conscious I was but I'm glad. We had so much fun!

After that, it was time for our company to go home. We bid them goodbye and then we headed to a store where Matt needed to exchange a pair of jeans. While there, I saw a dress I thought was cute on the clearance rack. I grabbed it and went to the dressing room to try it on. I got it on and half-way zipped up and then I couldn't get it the rest of the way zipped so I called Matt on his cell phone and asked him to come across the store from the mens section over to the womens. He "snuck" into the dressing room with me and tried to zip it up...but it wouldn't budge. Then he tried to unzip it and the zipper came apart (you know how the zipped up part splits?) I ended up having to have him go get a saleslady. She came into the dressing room and tried to either zip it up or unzip it...but no luck. By this time, the whole zipper had split and now you could see my bra strap on the top...and my thong on the bottom. Just GREAT! Long story short and after much sweating and trying....the salesgirl finally had to get scissors and CUT me out of the dress! Darn too because I was going to buy it!!!! Ha ha! Isn't that crazy? She did find another store that had one and offered to ship it it to me free.
Anyhow, now today...Sunday...nothing much to say. Sad that the weekend is already over. It's gonna be a busy week. I am doing the crafts for our VBS at church...so I'll be gone all week working on that. It'll be fun even though I'm not looking forward to trying to fit in my work and VBS and work outs and cooking and cleaning and all the other stuff....but it's just one week. Surely I can handle that?!!?!
Hope you all have a good week!


Miss Got Wings said...

cute pics - looks like fun! sorry you had to sell the boat, though. May be better off. At least you got to enjoy it for a while. Some things just aren't worth the hassle

kozgirl said...

Hey MJ! You look AMAZING in your pics!! You should be so proud :)

Sorry you had to sell the boat. It seems like you used it a lot. But so wonderful that it sold easy!

You are so fun to go up there and hula - way to go ;)

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

I LOVE your outfit! You look so great!