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Monday, July 14, 2008


***To my male readers...Guys, you might wanna skip this one.***
Okay, on a less serious note...(from my earlier post)...I have realized that my bust is shrinking. I thought it might be--because I've been noticing my bands on my bras were getting looser...but geez louise---I took a look in the mirror tonight and I think half the weight I've lost might have come from that area!! I am looking like a set of deflated balloons and if I continue to lose weight...well, I have to wonder if my ballons might wither away even more!?! It's such a different side of the fence for me to be on. I've spent the last 20 years of my life (yes, I said 20) wishing and hoping for a reduction. I've always been on the big side and I have HATED it every minute of my life. I blossomed WAYYY too early and by 6th grade I was wearing the same size bra that I wear right now! I believe my mom bought me my very first bra around the age of 6 or 7 and I've had one on ever since. Anyway, as you all probably noticed, I did the "Plastic Surgery Poll' recently and it appears that a lot of us would like to have a new set of "Balloons" on our bodies. Even though I've dreamt of it..I've never really ever seriously considered getting anything like this done. For one, I never thought I was "THAT" bad but for two, I just couldn't see spending that much money on something so vain. However, I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn't take the idea more seriously. I'm surprised all the time by people who've done it. I have several friends who have...and they don't regret it at all. It would certainly be nice not to have ridges in my shoulders and neck from all the hoisting up I have to do.
Tonight I mentioned it to Matt and he said he could definitely tell that I am shrinking and looking more and more deflated all the time. He's also supportive of me getting the surgery---or not---either way. Gosh....it seems crazy to even think about..but maybe I'll look into it....???!!!!
I can just imagine the thoughts going through your heads. I know which ones of you will say "Go for it!" and then there are some of you who will say "You don't need it" and then some of you will gawk that I am even talking about boobs on the world wide web! ha ha....
I guess this is me...probably a little too open and honest for the likes of some of ya...but still I have to be who I am on this blog and what fun is it when you have to candy-coat everything you want to say??!! I hope you all will just take what you like and throw out the rest! I appreciate all your comments and points of views!!
Love ya!


Kuckie said...

I have a lot of clients who have had reductions and they couldn't be happier. They dealt with the ridges, back pain, ill-fitting bras...you name it. Every single one of them thought it was worth it. And for the record, if you wanted to make them bigger, I think that would be vain...I don't think getting a reduction makes you vain AT ALL!!! Good Luck!

Logziella said...

I have always wanted a reduction too for all the same reasons. But just in the past few years I have decided to look at mine differently as I always hear women say they would like bigger breasts. I have what they want!...maybe just a little bit wider and droopier than what they want but I am sure some bra out there can help with that. So, I am embracing them now (it's a figure of speech!!) instead of loathing them. Soon I hope to find a super good bra even if it is pricy and that'll help to perk them up a bit!

jenelle said...

Wait a while. When your body has stabilized to the point of maintenance instead of weight loss you'll be surprised how your chest responds.

Miss Got Wings said...

Yep, it's a bitch - the first thing to go when you lose weight is the chest, and I don't have much to lose in that dept.

You asked for opinions and comments - personally, I think a boob job is vain and ridiculous. A reduction is different b/c it is usually meant to offset back problems and pain. But to just want a bigger set, well, that's just messin' with what God gave ya. Then, where does it stop, a smaller nose? A flatter tummy? A firmer chin? I think it's all the media and celebrities that have put in our heads that perfection is just a few thousand dollars away. Screw that! I've got better places to spend my money and a hubby who loves me for staying true to my body. I'm sure he wouldn't complain if I had bigger ones, but the risk of surgery and the fact that they are plastic is just goign a little too far for me to keep my man interested. I always laugh at how guys are so "supportive" of this surgery when it's their girlfriend or their wife. Ummmmm, when have women ever asked the men to go under the knife and nip and tuck their bits and pieces? Never. Men are applauded for their gray hairs b/c it's a sign of wisdom, age, and power. It's a ridiculous double standard.

See, aren't you glad you asked for our opinions? lol

Love yourself Jen - we love ya bunches!

Teresa said...

GOOD POINT KATE!! Men are never asked to go under the knife to make their "man parts" bigger!! LOL!!

Candy said...

Alright, I am confused! I couldn't tell by your post if your looking for an enlargement from the shrinkage or an additional reduction to go along with the shrinkage. Which is it that you are talking about?

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Hey Girls! Thanks for all the wonderful opinions and answers!! To clear things up...I am not looking to get an enlargement for SURE....but at this point, I'm not necessarily looking for a reduction anymore either...more of a lift. But...I'm really hoping Jenelle is right and that things will "bounce back" after a while...or at least to the point where you can tell they're boobs and not growths on the sides of my belly button! ha ha
So that being said...is a lift "vain" too?
Seriously, for as much money as stuff like this costs..I wouldn't probably really ever do it...but there is a little part of me that thinks---MAN! How nice it would be to wear a swimsuit and not have the halter top part CUT into my neck from hoisting those babies up...or to be able to wear a peice of Lingere without having to literally STUFF myself into the tiny little booby-pouches those things have. Seriously ya'll---picture a grape that is about halfway to becoming a raisin...that's me.

Christy said...

I want a lift. Two babies and my girls look about 80.

Teresa said...

MJ you are stinking hilarious!! Thanks for those umm very descriptive words...I have some "interesting" pictures of your breasts in my head...and that is just wrong! LOL!!!

Anyway, I think everyone's opinion should be their own. I know what I think but...that's just MY opinion. I think you should do whatever YOU want to do. If you don't think it's vain...then do it. Personally, I am more with Kate on the issue BUT I just think that it's a personal choice though and you should do whatever makes you happy!

Amy said...

I think you should go for it! My mom had a reduction and while she was under anesthesia, she had them do a tummy tuck. She calls the procedure her "boob bob" and says she'd do it all over again but NOT the tummy tuck part. I think if it would help you feel better about yourself then you should do it.

As for what having kids does to your body, I've never been particularly big up top but after having Easton, I'm really noticing how saggy my boobs are! UGH! As if having kids doesn't give you enough to worry about...stretch marks, wider hips. I'd never trade my sweetie boy for anything in the world but I sure could use a tune-up body-wise!

I don't think you'd be vain at all for getting a reduction. Or a lift. But we love you just the way you are and will be behind you no matter what.

kc said...

It sounds like you are wanting more of a lift, than a reduction.
I say if you can afford it, and it will make you feel better and more confident when you are with your hubby, go for it.
I don't think it is vain to have a lift or a reduction. It isn't just because you want "bigger/better" it is because you want to look and feel more natural and not saggy. If you can fix it, go for it.
I don't agree with lots of plastic surgery to be "perfect", but if it is to correct somthing like saggy skin, then I don't see that as any different than having your teeth straightened or your eye-sight fixed with laser surgery or something. It is simply to correct a problem, and make life easier and more enjoyable. :) Just my two cents. :) But you know your husband and all of your friends love you just the way you are, and you don't have to change to make anyone else happy. It is a very personal decision, and all for you and no one else.

Bridgett Hayes said...

Weightloss does do that to them. I lost 80lbs, but mine have firmed back up. Good luck whatever you decide!

kozgirl said...

I think it's entirely up to how you feel about yourself and how much money you have! Meaning, if you feel unattractive to your man and you have the finances to do something about it, and he supports it - go for it! I'd have to say that I'd do a lot more research on the subject of boob change than I would on say teeth straightening or hair color. We all have areas that we try to improve upon... who's to say which is more vain than another ;)

Teresa said...

Good point Kozgirl...we all do have areas that we want to improve on and who's to say one is more vain than another. I never thought about it that way...but it's so true! It's just a personal decision. :)