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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something Old, Something New

So....I want ya'lls opinions/advice on something:
I'm thinking about trading my wedding ring for a different one!!
I've actually done it once before, but it wasn't really my choice. The first ring Matt and I bought for me the prongs KEPT coming loose EVERY single time I would take it in to be checked, they had to send it off to be repaired. Finally Zales requested that I pick a different ring out. So I did. I went bigger and better. Currently I have a 1.10 carat emerald cut diamond solitare with a band beside it that has 4 small diamonds (2 on either side of the big one). I LOVE this ring and always have. Not a day has gone by that I didn't LOVE it.
I also love the newer styles of rings that are out now that are more vintage looking and are set in either platinum or white gold. (mine is in yellow gold). I have checked into getting mine dipped to change the band color but I don't think that is what I want to do.
Last night while we were at the mall, we went into a jewelry store to have Matt's wedding ring sized. He's lost so much weight, that he can't even wear it anymore without it falling right off his finger!! Since mine is getting loose too and the band is actually broken on the underneath side and I am always looking....I decided to try on a particular ring that caught my eye. As soon as I put it on, it was love at first sight! and not just for me either...Matt also thought it was gorgeous and actually much prettier than the one I already have. It is absolutely my favorite ring I have ever tried on or seen EVER. I asked about trading and they said they would do that.

Here's a pic of the "new" ring, though I don't think this does it justice at ALL. It actually lets your finger show on the sides between the bands...and it has a diamond on the sides too--like if your looking at the prongs part.

So...here's the problem:
1. I love my ring and I really don't want to let it go. I get compliments on it all the time and jewlers always remark at what an unusual cut it is.
2. The new ring I am looking at actually cost quite a bit LESS than my current ring. Which sounds like a good thing...but actually, I have to spend double in order to do the exchange..which would mean paying more and I'd have to pick out more jewlery to equal to double the original cost. (oh darn!) I hope that makes sense. For instance, if I spent $1000 on my current ring, in order for them to do a trade, I have to spend $2000 (and I only have to pay $1000 and give them my ring).
3. I'm not real familiar with this jewlery store. It's Samuels. Anybody know anything about them??? We always buy our stuff from Zales or Kay's usually.
4. My diamond is valuable because it is a solitare. The one I'm looking at is just a bunch of littlier diamonds all bunched up to make it look like a big one.
5. I canNOT get this ring out of my mind. I have been thinking about it like---every couple of minutes since I took it off my finger last night!

So having read all that--what would you do?


Teresa said...

You do whatever you want to do. If Matt is okay with it obviously. But...in my opinion...I like YOUR ring way better than I like the new one. But that's just my opinion. Personally, I guess I'm kinda "old school" but I think even if I did find another ring I liked better...I'd stick with my original one only b/c that's the one that he proposed to me with and added a band to on our wedding day...sentimental I guess. But...you already had to trade it in once so you probably dont' have that so much.

Hmmm...what about doing it on a special wedding anniversary...then it would have special meaning then too.

Also, just a tidbit of my boring level headed advice for whatever it's worth...maybe make your decision to buy or not buy it in like a month...like a month to sleep on it b/c then the novelty might have worn off some. I know how I can get when I get something in my mind.:)

mr zig said...

Here's what ya do - Keep your current ring, but buy the new one as an anniversary gift to yourself :D - I mean... get Matt to buy it for you you as an anniverary gift :)

My wife and I do new rings every 5 years, but keep our old ones... Yes... it gets expensive...but eh... after the bills are paid you forget all about the extra money :)

kc said...

I agree with T, I like your current ring WAY more than the other one.
Probably because I've always wished I could have a huge solitaire diamond. Mine is a cluster of smaller diamonds; one large in the center, surrounded by 10 smaller diamonds. It doesn't even total a full carat, but we could afford it, and I love it. :) It's still the same ring we got engaged with, and that he put on my finger at our wedding. So I'm sentimentally attached to it. Even after I lost weight, and it no longer fits (hasn't for 10 years! haha), I just continue to wear it, with a spacer on the back. It keeps it on, Helzburg put the gold spacer on for me for FREE, and I'm to attached to send it off for 2 weeks and pay $100 for them to un-saughter it (however you spell that word...), re-size it, and then saughter it back. I have this awful fear that they would lose it or something. Crazy I know. I don't even take it off except to have the jeweler check the prongs and have it cleaned.
Mr Zig has a GREAT idea though... I wish we could afford to do that! :)

Lisa Adams said...

If you really think you want a new ring and want a reputable jewelry store, try J. Davids in BA. Joel is a friend of ours and does business based on Godly principles. He also designs jewelry if you want to go that route. The quality is awesome!

Amos said...

I have to agree with everyone that I love your old ring, much more than the new one. But, you could add it as an anniversary ring too. I have to say that my parents have been married 55 years and I watched my mom's ring go in and out of style many times. Today it is in style and I just love seeing the same ring on her finger all the time. It is sentimental even for the kids at times too I guess. Do what brings you peace, not just on impulse.

Kuckie said...

Personally, I love your current ring. And I echo everyone else with their advice also. My hubby proposed to me with a ring his father bought his mother, long before they split up, and she gave it to him, telling him he'd need it someday. It is nothing fancy and not big, but it is special to me because it was all he had and couldn't wait to propose to me until he had enough money to buy me a nicer ring. And even though he kept promising to upgrade it, I won't have it...this is THE ring, and I would never trade it in. It is so dear to me! Sure, I've admired other rings... who doesn't? But THIS is my wedding ring...all the others are just jewelry!

I agree with Teresa also...sleep on it for a month or so and see how you feel then. Maybe you'll still love it and maybe you won't.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Have you ever thought of getting your BIG ROCK diamond re-set in another band? That's what I did with my engagement ring.

Miss Got Wings said...

Personally, I would keep my ring. Both rings were blessed during our wedding ceremony and for the Catholics, that is a sacrament. Therefore, I'd never consider trading mine for another one. The ring is shiny, tarnished, scratched, and beautiful all at the same time - just like most marriages. If mine got lost or stolen, I'd buy exactly the same ring again. Just my opinion. In a few years, if you saw a bigger, prettier one, would you want that one too?

I also second Teresa on thinking it over for a while. What about putting the ring in a platinum setting, just like the one you currently have? Platinum is expensive, but it lasts a lot longer than the white gold, which I have, and yes, it does need to be dipped every so often with wear b/c the yellow gold will start to show through.

Slice of life said...

Hi there

I love your ring. I agree with everyone. Your ring is very pretty, emerald cut diamonds are worth more arent they? They are cut differently to the older fashioned Indian -Brilliant cut.

Yours is more art deco looking. It is FAB!

I also agree about the need for white gold to be dipped. as it starts to look 'off'...

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Wow, You guys are great! Look at all those comments and opinions!! YAY! I love it!!
Just for the record: The ring doesn't hold a whole lot of sentimental value. Matt didn't propose to me. Ever. We just decided to buy a ring and get married. Neither of us even knows WHY or WHAT in the WORLD we were thinking! We were just teenagers acting on impulse! (we weren't even dating at that time!!)Thank GOD that He had His hand on us---and that somehow, miraculously, we made the right choice!
Secondly, this isn't the ring we exhanged at our wedding, its not the ring that is in our wedding photographs...so it's not special in that way.
Thirdly, Matt didn't pick it out. At all. I did.
Fourthly (is that a word? ha ha) Matt jokes about how much money we spent on the thing and how we could pawn it and get all kinds of stuff! (gotta love'em!)

Having said that all, I don't think I can go through with it. I would LOVE to have that other ring but I can't give mine up. It's probably a pride thing more than anything...but I love how it catches peoples eyes and I get compliments on it all the time. I love how, when it's clean, it looks like a boulder on my finger. I guess I am attached to it in some sort of way and it makes me want to cry just thinking about not having it anymore.
Now...convincing Matt to buy me this new ring in ADDITION to the one I already have will take nothing short of a miracle since he thinks spending more than about $20 on any peice of jewlery is a waste. I know he thinks me having any more rings of any sort is absolutely unnecesary and just dumb. So....oh well. It was fun to dream of. I just wish I could quit thinking about it...
And honey, if by some crazy reason you are reading this...I just want you to know that if you went and bought me that ring on your own and gave it to me--that would be the best gift EVER!! :o)

MLM said...

WHEW! I'm late to the party and was sooooo scared you had traded in. Those jewelers (if you can call them that) were probably salivating for your ring...and laughing at you when you left the store. Good for YOU! It was a trick! Your ring is SO MUCH better than that other. I haven't read through all the comments, I was in a hurry to find yours! But I have worked in the jewelry industry for years and you made the right choice. If you still want the look of that other ring...buy it for your right hand. If you ever DO want to find a different ring for your wedding ring, go to Israel Diamond Supply in Tulsa. You can pick from their stock or design your own...they are awesome. I've helped them sell MANY diamonds through the years to people all over the country! Ask for Rana.

And I'm SO glad again you chose to keep yours. :o)