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Friday, September 28, 2007

A random question:

If you had an opportunity to make double your current salary...but would have to be away from your family a minimum of 5 days (and nights) a week to do it...would you?


Jen said...

okay, I should clarify...we are talking about the husbands...not the women. I was trying to be evasive...but I really should have said "would you let/encourage your husband to do something like this in order to get out of debt?"

Mojonah said...

It's not something I would encourage. To get out of debt...hmmmm...maybe for a very short period of time...however, I've found that then, you get used to the money, and think, well, maybe for a bit longer so that we can get a new car, or furniture, or house, and then it never ends. I would go more towards...no, I wouldn't encourage it.

Cale said...

I am in a situation were I currently never have a day-off with my wife. It has been like this for 1 1/2 years now. It is not an easy situation, I miss going to lawton on saturdays just to goof off. I consider myself to lead a different life than most other families. when my wife and I do have a day-off together, we usually argue more than normal because we are so used to doing what we want. I am not complaining about the current situation I am in because I am believing for better, but I certainly would not wish it on anyone else. enjoy the times that you are together with your family, money is such a minor thing because all it can do is provide you with more things. love and companionship and intimate times with one another is something that money cannot buy, be cautious before you trade those things for something as simple as money... at first things may seem okay, but as mojonah said, that short time will continue to grow and grow until one day you look up and its several years down the road. money is a good thing, but its not everything. love you guys.

Jenelle said...

Carefully pray and consider this. For every benefit there are trade-offs. Continue your quest to get out of debt - but there are many paths to get there. I've seen families have a hard time recovering from a temporary "separation."

Maybe take 6 months and radically reduce your expenses (cable, out to eat, groceries, home improvements, cloths, etc)and maybe pick up something a couple of nights a week that wouldn't sacrifice your family.

There are lots of options.

KC said...

No I wouldn't encourage it. I would miss him to much, and would feel like I was doing all the "work" while he was off making money. :)
I don't think sacrificing our family time would be worth it, unless it was only for a few months. But then mojonah is right...how do you go back to 1/2 of that salary? You would be used to it, and want to continue to get this or that, etc...it would be hard to go back to the original salary.

Amos said...

Your husband and I have talked about this a few times and I know the decision he is being tempted to do, I too am looking at other options that would double my income. The thing that keeps me from doing it is the day to day of not being able to see my family. I know that I would be out of debt, except for my mortgage, in 6 months or less. We have been actively working on getting out of debt for almost a year now and we have paid alot off. The thing to seriously think about is that when people get out of debt in a quick way like refinancing a mortgage or getting an inheritance, they don't change their spending habits or create new habits like starting to invest a large portion of their paycheck. I am beginning to think that taking a couple of years of slowly paying off debt will change spending habits. I and my wife would be happy to sit down with you guys and help you put a plan together. I have found that open communication with every weekly paycheck, showing on paper what you can pay off or significantly reduce makes me work harder at what I am already doing. If you told your husband that on a certain week in a month if he works alot of overtime that you can pay off certain things, it would motivate him to work harder that week and then go back to a normal week the next and maybe alternate this every couple of weeks until HE see's the results on paper. I know this is long, but this is becoming a passion with my wife and I.

Logzie said...

No, I would not do it. Like just about everyone else mentioned here...there are many other ways to pay off debt. Some may take longer but there are benefits to that as well.


I would definately not do it. That's just my opinion.