II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Go to BED sleepyhead!!!

I think I am going to write a children's book titled that. I think all kids have had nights like the one my son is having tonight. He's beyond tired...it's 11:36 pm and here he stands right next to me, whispering to me, "I don't wanna go in my bed mom." His eyes are bloodshot and he's walking like a drunk...but he REFUSES to get in his crib. Thankfully, I am not too terribly tired myself..so I haven't gotten MAD like I would if I were trying to sleep. However, I would LOVE to get him to sleep so I could go lay down in my nice fresh bed (I washed the sheets today) and relax.
I have to admit...he did take a 3 hour nap this afternoon which is VERY unusual for him....which is why I wasn't surprised that he wasn't tired at his normal bed time (8 pm) and is also why I let him stay up till 9:30. But...now for the past 2 hours, I have been putting him back into bed Over and Over and Over..and it is getting old. I am SO tempted to just put him my bed with me and call it a night...but I know that is not the "right" thing to do and will most certainly be the beginning of a habit I will eventually have to break him of...so that's out.
By the way, I should mention that I am home alone tonight. Matt had a scheduled job tonight at 11:30 pm which will probably last all night, so that is why I am getting to deal with this all alone! (oh boy am I lucky! ha ha) One nice thing about Matt working a late job like this is that he will probably get to be off tomorrow. Granted, he will be sleeping the majority of the day...but still, it's nice having him home with us and especially on Valentines Day.
So, I'm sitting here typing and I told Grant to lay down on the floor beside my desk (instead of putting him back in his bed for the bajillionth time) and guess what??? He's alseep!!!! That little turkey! He just didn't want me to be the boss and make him go in his bed! I started this post at 11:36. It is now 11:44 and he's sleeping! Man...why didn't I lay him on the floor 2 hours ago?!?!
Just to be sure he's REALLY out of it before I pick him up to put him in his crib, I better keep typing for a few more minutes. So, I wonder what you are all going to do tomorrow for Valentines Day!?!? What'd you buy your sweetie? As you all know, Matt got me a 100% ceramic straightening iron on Saturday as my Valentines gift. He justified spending that much (it was expensive) because he had just bought himself a shotgun a day or two before. So...as my gift to him, I bought him clay targets and a target shooter thing. Also a gun case and some targets to shoot at (pictures of turkey's and then just the regular targets with the black circles around a red circle). Hopefully he likes it. He's pretty into his shotgun/hunting stuff right now..so I think this will be right up his alley. I was torn between buying that stuff and buying some kind of exercise equipment. Both of us has been wanting to get some kind of exercise stuff for a while. We are actually thinking about getting a Bowflex...but haven't decided if we are willing to dish out that much money or that much space for something like that. Anyway, since Valentines Day is on a Wednesday (10 minutes from right now actually), I don't suppose we'll have any big "date". I may try to either think up some creative dinner to make or else maybe we'll all just go out as a family somewhere. If he's home all day tomorrow, we could probably go out for an early dinner and beat all the crowds.
Okay, well, I think it's safe to say my little guy is a goner for tonight, so I guess I will end this babbling and go put him in his crib. I just PRAY he stays asleep b/c if he wakes up and realizes I am putting him in the DREADED crib...the games will be back on. Gosh, I am almost tempted to just throw a blanket over him and let him sleep in the floor of my office all night...but that wouldn't be very nice...so I will be a good mommy and put him in his bed, all safe and sound.
Well, I hope to hear all your Valentine Day stories tomorrow. Leave me a comment and tell me what you gave/got and what you did, okay?