II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Am I Blessed or What?

Okay, I've been holding out on you guys a little secret because I've been waiting for the Big News before I even said anything...but I can't wait any more. Okay, first of all..it's nothing SUPER big like a house or baby or job or anything...It's just this: A few months ago our insurance company launched a fitness challenge for all members who wanted to compete. Me, being the bargain-hunter and fitness fanatic that I am, entered me and hubby. The deal was you had to go to their website every day for 3 months and record your daily eating/exercise. Each week they picked weekly winners to win $200 Adidas gift certificate and 2 Adidas duffle bags. A few weeks ago, me and my hubby won!! Hooray! The reason I didn't say anything before now is that the BIG GRAND PRIZE is a vacation for two to the Canyon Ranch Spa and Resort in Arizona. They were supposed to announce the winner of that on Feb. 19th...but so far...they haven't announced it yet. To win, you had to write an essay about how participating in this challenge has made a difference in your life. I was kind of nervous about writing our essay seeing as how we didn't lose a huge amount of weight or anything...but we have learned the value and importance of eating healthy and getting daily exercise. Anyway, when I sat down to write the essay, I believe the Holy Spirit just led my fingers because when I sat back and re-read what I had typed..I was amazed. It really sounded good! So....I am in faith that we will win this vacation and that is why I've been waiting to tell you guys about this. I wanted to see if we win the grand prize. But...since they are taking So long (still trying to read all the essays) and I got my $200 worth of Adidas stuff in the mail today..I just HAD to share with you all! Now I am even more motivated than normal to go work out! Lots of new goodies!! Yippee!!! Keep in faith with me that we will win the vacation too!!


Jen said...

Well...wouldntcha know...just as soon as I posted this...I checked one more time to see if they'd posted the Grand Prize Winners and they did...and it wasn't us. Oh well! It would've been nice...but I will definitely enjoy all my new work out clothes!

Jenelle said...

Congrats on the healthier life and prizes. I have a pair of those flip-flops that I got on clearance and LOVE THEM! They are perfect for beach, waterpark, camping or anyother place that you would rather not have your feet touch and clean up super easy.

KC said...

That is so Awesome! How do you always win these contests?! You are so blessed!
Those are some awesome looking "free prizes". Congratulations Jen. I know you will definitely get good use out of them.
Love ya girl,