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Friday, October 23, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

If you haven't discovered the Bakerella website, you have been missing out!! It is an endless wealth of outstanding baked goodies. I can say with 100% honesty that EVERY SINGLE THING I have ever made from this site was exceptionally good and exactly as easy as it sounds! (there are other cooking sites that I've used that make things look easy/sound good--that are really way complicated and not really all that tasty). Anyway, looking for something to take to Grant's class for snack day today, I came across these little spider cookies. I quickly printed out the ingredients and ran off to the store. Turns out I couldn't find the cookie mix she used and the Trix that they are selling at the stores right now are "Swirls" meaning that there aren't any solid orange or green ones. So....I substituted brownies for the cookies and make them in a cupcake pan so they'd be round. Then I used m&m's instead of the Trix. I think mine turned out every bit as cute as hers and it was SUPER DOOPER easy!

I did a batch for Grant's class with 2 spiders per cupcake.
I did a batch for Brooklyn's class with 1 spider per cupcake. Either way, they are adorable! (and yummy!!) Click HERE for the recipe.


Rock Chef said...

Looks great. My wife does something similar with jelly spiders and worms. The kids love them.

Amy said...

Cute!!! I might make these for E's bday party this week. Great job!

Rene' said...

those are so cute! you make the most amazing, creative things-keep it up! I love seeing them.