II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We're being followed!!! Date 2

So..Thursday night Brooklyn and I went on our 2nd Mommy/Daughter date. The agenda was a facial this time and the object lesson was "learning how to take care of our skin." I called ahead to Origins at the mall to see if they still give complimentary facials and to see if we could come. We got a wonderful young girl who was happy to do them for us (and yes...complimentary!!)
Brooklyn went first and she thorougly enjoyed being pampered. Next was my turn and boy did my skin need that!! After a major scrub, a moisturing mask, toner and then moisturizer...my face felt brand new again! All the while she worked on us, the girl explained to Brooklyn (and me) what she was doing, what she was using and why it's important to take good care of our faces. (this is all stuff Brooklyn has heard me say...but wouldn't really "hear" it coming from me). Anyway, I ended up deciding to buy 3 of the main products that she used on us so we could maintain this at home. Afterwards we headed to a little dessert place to get Brooklyn a slice of blueberry cheesecake and then over to Starbucks for me so I could get my tall skinny mocha latte. YUMM!! Then we made our way over to the center of the mall where they have some comfy couches and end tables and we began our devotional. When we walked over to the only available couch, there was a shopping bag leaning up against it, but no one in sight who it might belong to. I just scooched it over a bit and we sat down and did our devotionals. During this time I noticed a big guy standing across from us looking at us..but whatever...no big deal. I thought maybe it was his bag or something...but after about half an hour, when we were ready to get up, I glanced inside the bag and saw that it was full of clothes/shoes from a very expensive store and I told Brooklyn we better take it to the Lost & Found at the Information booth. We turned it in and then headed over to a different area where there were some benches so we could do our last little thing which is a little quiz on the evening. As we sat down, I looked up and there was that guy again. A big BIG bouncer looking kind of guy, in a solid black shirt, jeans and a bald head staring RIGHT at me. It was making me uncomfortable but I tried to just ignore it. As we worked through our little quiz I could see him hovering around us, talking on the phone, but never leaving the area we were in. I discreetly told Brooklyn, "let's get up and go over here instead" and we walked down to a different area and sat down again. I thought we had lost him so we finished up our books and then I called Matt to tell him we were headed home. It was about 3 minutes till 9, when the mall was closing. As I got ready to stand up to leave, I glanced behind me and there he was again RIGHT behind me. My heart started POUNDING. I felt like I could hear the Holy Spirit screaming inside my head NOT to walk out those doors into the dark parking lot to our car so I grabbed Brooklyn's hand and practically drug her as fast as I could into the nearest store, which happened to be Macy's. I immediately found the lady at the fragrance desk and told her to call security because there was someone following me. As soon as I said it, Brooklyn said "mom, are you talking about that big guy in the black shirt?" So she had noticed it too!! The lady called security and while we were waiting for them to come (it took THIRTY minutes!!! Thank God there wasn't an emergency!!) I looked around to see if I could still see him. I didn't but still...there was NO WAY I was walking out to my car alone. When the security guard finally arrived, we left for my van...and I explained to her why I had called for her. She said "describe what he looked like". I told her and she said "Oh, I bet I know who that was. That was probably one of our plain-clothes loss prevention guys. They are there to watch for people who might be stealing. Did you by any chance pick up a bag somewhere?" To which I replied "YES!! We did!" and I told her about the bag that we had turned in to Lost & Found. She said he probably saw us pick it up and was keeping his eye on us just in case we were doing something fishy.
Well..that put my mind at ease at little since at least now I had some hope that this was a "legit" person and not some freakazoid that was planning to follow me to my car and kill me or something.
Anyway, as soon as I got in the car I called Matt and told him what had happened...as he was probably wondering where I was since I should have been home already. I never expected his reaction. He was FURIOUS! And as I talked to him...I became pretty mad too. Even if the guy does work at the mall...there was no exuse for the obvious intimidation and following he was doing. A woman and her daughter...at the mall...having dessert and coffee and doing devotionals. Did we REALLY look like theives??? I mean...COME ON. I understand them needing to patrol that kind of thing, but there must be some better way of doing it than to scare the living daylights out of perfectly harmless people.
Annnnnyyyywayyyy.....on the way home we are supposed to listen to a CD that has a little story and scriptures that go along with our evening and evne though we put it on...neither of us could concentrate on it because of the total adrenaline rush we had just experienced. It was a wonderful night, until all that happened..but it will certainly be memorable!!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I'd be freaking out if that was me. Glad to know it wasn't some scary guy about to steal your purse or something but how rude of that man to think you and Brooklyn were STEALING!!! That is awful! Glad you girls had a fun time though. I love hearing about these "dates". I'm totally going to do that with my little girl when she's old enough. :)

Unknown said...

Okay...you CAN tell a story b/c I was on the edge of my seat...the ENTIRE time! Wow! That was freaking me out!! Why didn't he confront you then?? I would call the mall (like you have the time! LOL!!) and complain and tell them that was unacceptable and they need to change that policy somehow! I'm sure...what did him following you around do anyway...except FREAK you and a preciousl little girl OUT!!!???

Okay, I'm calming down now. Ha! I'm glad you enjoyed your date! What a fantastic idea!! Love it!! And I'm glad you're okay!!

Jade said...

Oh my gosh - I'm so glad everything ended well!

KC said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok, and that you were smart enough to go find help instead of going to your vehicle.
Just remember, some of the worst "offenders" look perfectly normal, and even use their children as decoys in situations such as that. But these guys are trained to expect the worst out of people, not the best...not a good excuse, but try to see his side of the situation...maybe that shopping bag was really stolen, and he then saw you with it...did he see you turn it in to the lost and found? if not, that might explain why he was still following you.... (sorry, I always try to see both sides...).

Ermis Party of 5 said...

Wow! you had me on the edge of my seat also. You have a lot of talent telling stories. :) I would of been scared out of my mind too. To be alone with one of my children and some scary man following me. YIKES! They really need to change their procedures on catching a thief!! I'm happy you both are okay. We recently had to sit down with our kids and remind them about stranger danger. Maybe this experience was a sign from God to have that talk or "remind" your kids of that... to protect them from something else. One never knows.

Angelj052@gmail.com said...

Wow, I think I would be quite upset at a security guard acting in such a manner.
However, I am glad it was this and nothing more seriouis.