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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Like good deals?

Okay girls! Here's a STEAL of a DEAL from American Eagle. Right now, they have their shirts Buy One Get One 50% Off PLUS an additional 15% off.* So...that's pretty good already, right?...but here's the best part: They have LOTS of cute stuff in the clearance right now..and this applies to clearance merchandise as well!
I bought several shirts there recently back when they were going for $24.50, but now they are marked down to $9.99. If you get two, you get one for $9.99 and the other for $4.99--so $15 and THEN 15% off of that..which would make you getting both shirts for $12.75!!!!!
Now of course, if you order them online, you'll have to pay shipping costs...but if you can make it into the store...you can really hit the jackpot! My mom went in yesterday and got 4 of these shirts for my niece. Just had to pass along the savings to all my peeps out there! Love ya!
Ps. The ones that I bought that I can attest are really cute, comfy and fit well are
AE Embellished V-Neck T (I have it in the lavender color. It has cute silver writing and beading on the chest)
AE Burnout Henley T (the one pictured up there) I actually have 2 of these and I LOVE them! They fit VERY cute!
**In order to get the extra 15% off...you have to use this coupon code at check out: 96253498
(This is good thru April 7th)


Christy said...

How could you post this :o)! Those t's are way too cute. We have the same taste...My husband shouldn't have worked late.