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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm one busy lady!

Saturday, after I ran my first ever 5K, I ran home, showered and then left on a 1 3/4 hour drive to where I was helping throw a baby shower for my niece Rachael. She's having a baby girl next month and it was an honor to get to bless her with a beautiful shower and so many great gifts! Here is a pic of me measuring her baby-belly!

That was a busy, busy day---and life is not about to get any slower! I have something on the calander almost every day for the next solid month. It's insane. I know I've done it yet again...and over-committed myself. Tomorrow I have to go to the school to prepare flyers for Teacher Appreciation Week which I'm chairperson of. Friday I have to be at the school all day to oversee our Fun Day (kind of like a track meet) where I am the chairperson and will be in charge of making sure every single thing runs smoothly. Sunday is Matt's birthday and I still don't know what the plans are for that yet...but he has requested a 1 hour full body massage from ME as his gift. (I think I can handle that one! :) Right around the corner from that is Mother's Day and Grant's 5th birthday, which I still need to plan. On top of that, I am the PR Coordinator for our church's VBS this year and I need to be making preparations for that. In addition to those things, I have been offered an opportunity to do something very, very exciting related to fitness...that I can't quite disclose entirely yet...but it is going to require me to spend some quality time preparing for and working on.
Add to that that I am 2/3 of the way done reading the book "The Shack"
*Need to plan Date #3 for me and my Brookie-dear.
*Need to put lots of stuff on Craig's list to sell--it's laying in piles everywhere and clutter drives me nuts!
*Still need to take down all the Easter decor and put that in the attic.
*Need to start planning the end-of-the-year gift for Brooklyn's teacher at school since I am the homeroom mom and school is almost out.
*Need to find, print and turn in pictures for the yearbook at school.
*Just bought a book called "Boundaries: When to say Yes and How to say No" that our Sunday School class is studying and I am in dire need of reading and applying to my life. (as you can see from this post!)

Aughhhh.....how am I going to do all that and everything on my calander and still work out and eat right and pay bills and on and on and on????
Who knows...but somehow I always manage to do it. I know one thing....I need to hurry up and read that book!! As you can imagine, I may not be blogging much during this next month...but I promise I'll be back!


Amy said...

I had to laugh when I saw the title of the book you said you need to read. It is SO hard to say no but that has become my motto (at least while I'm hugely pregnant) these days...JUST SAY NO!!! Though it's for different reasons for me than it would be for you, I'm proud of myself for realizing when I've overdone it. I usually have a to-do list a mile long but am too tired to get them done. Instead of feeling too guilty out it, I just say NO. I need to rest right now. It will still be there when I'm not quite so tired.
I just got home from a doctor's appt, lunch w/Jason and a VERY stressful trip to Walmart w/Easton throwing things out of the cart at every turn. I put away most of the stuff and now I should clean the kitchen but I'm going to put my swollen feet up and rest instead. I may feel a tad guilty but I'll be so much less cranky later with a little break right now!
Here's hoping you find time to do everything on your list and still find some time for YOU! :)

Unknown said...

Oh girl. That post really stressed me out! I say 'good for you' that you can keep a pace like that b/c I sure can't. The things that are most precious to me suffer the most when I try. (not saying that about you...just me!) We'll sure miss you while you are a busy little beaver...don't forget about us!! Love to you!!

Jade said...

You are an amazingly involved Momma - good for you!

The Boundaries book had really good reviews on Amazon.com - I just went online and placed a hold on it at my public library.

Be sure to take care of yourself during this busy time!

KC said...

Whew...that's exhausting, just reading about it all. How do you do all of this, and work on top of that?! Wow!

BTW: You look super skinny in that picture! WOWSERS!!!! You Hot Momma You!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that Cloude and Townsend's "Boundaries"? Good book if it is.

Tammy said...

Take it day by day and don't stress yourself out. We live by the darn calendar and sometimes I think - big deal if we miss a practice, or a dance class, or a meeting. We haven't, but I try and keep it in perspective like this --the world will keep going if we do. So what if I don't get everything on my "to do" list done today? I'll just tell whoever was expecting something from - I'm very busy and I will get to it tomorrow. People understand.
All this great advice is easier said than done I know :)

P.S. I'll be sad if you don't blog - I'll miss ya :(

And P.S.S. You look AMAZING in that picture!! Love the wild woman hair!!

Kate said...

ugh, yeah, I'm tired now. gonna go take a nap.

Unknown said...

You are one busy girl! And you manage it all with a smile! What a great gift to your hubby btw, :).

I am SO excited what this thing is related to fitness, I want to know so bad!! Tell us as soon as you can!!

Rene' said...

Gosh, now I don't want to invite you to anything for fear that I'll over-burden you even more! My goodness girl, just say NO :) (but not to me ha ha) love ya!