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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As Seen on TV

This weekend Brooklyn sat down at the computer and typed out her Christmas List (with the help of my mom). The first 5 things are "as seen on tv" products. She has 1. Pix-O 2. Spa thing for feet 3. Moon Shoes 4. Moon Sand 5. Bendaroos. So, this morning I googled these products and I'm just not that impressed. First of all, they're all pretty pricey ($29-$40 with shipping) AND they just don't seem that great to me. I know how those infomercials can draw you in, believe me--that's why I bought p90X. Thankfully that WAS a good purchase...but this stuff she wants just looks like something she'd play with for an hour onece or twice and then toss aside never to be touched again. We've actually had moon sand before and it is pretty cool, but I can get that at Wal-Mart.
The rest of the items on her list are pretty amusing too. Here are some of them: #6 was a flat screen TV, #7. CD Player, #8. Ipod holder (she doesn't even have an Ipod! ha ha) #9. Karoke machine for TV. #10. U-Dance pad, #11. High heel black boots with diamonds, #12. Jewelry. #14. Clothes and the remaining 5 items are board games that she saw in the Wal-Mart weekly ad (sorry sliders, connect four, battleship, mechanical monopoly, trouble)
Anyway, after all that..I still have no idea what to get her. Do I go against my instinct and order some of the "as seen on TV" products just because she wants them or do I just ignore that stuff and buy what I think is practical?


Teresa said...

My kids do the same thing. Logan wanted a Nintendo DS for his birthday and we hesitated b/c it definately didn't seem worth the money to us amonng other things...but sometimes it's not about the money (if you have it that is) but rather about making their little dreams come true. Not always but sometimes. So...maybe get her a couple things off that list and make the other gifts things that you know will last and that she'll love.

...funny..because chuck and I were just talking about this the other day...

KC said...

I say get her a few things off of her list, but use your own judgement. Then get her some of the more practical things that you know she will love. That way, you're both happy. ;)