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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Sports Buzz

It's football season....big deal.

Sorry ya'll...but I am just SO NOT a sports watcher. I've been to one BIG game in my life (OU vs. OSU) and I actually slept through most of it!!!!
Although my hubby appreciates a good OU game every once in a while....he's also NOT very into watching sports either.
The ONLY thing that makes it 100% different is if I know someone playing in the game. For instance, last year was my nephew Christian's senior year in HS. His team was going for the State Championships and I attended a couple of his games. Now THAT was exciting! And I have a feeling I'll be getting my share of games in in the future since Grant seems to be a sports fanatic already. His favorite thing to do -hands down- is play football or baseball or basketball with me or his daddy.
Another reason I'm more into football this year is because Brooklyn's new friend (and pen pal) Mason plays football for his team, the Spartans. He's such a cutie!
He's got a serious face in this pic because his team had their first loss 7-6....but I say he's still a winner!

Speaking of pen pals, Brooklyn has also been writing to Logan (Logzie's son). She is having so much fun making friends in different states and finding out about what they like to do. He's a handsome little guy too!
It's kind of funny how both of her penpals are boys...but she doesn't seem to care. Oh who am I kidding...I think she prefers it that way! ha ha

She's got both of their pictures taped to her wall right above her bed!
My girl...I'm so glad she's not JUST like me. I've always been intimated by boys...and felt inferior to them. She's so much more sure of herself than I EVER was! Hooray! I like to think maybe I am helping her become that way!


home4mk said...

my husband and i are the same way! we have football narcolepsy...actually any sport narcolepsy. we are definitely the minority in this area for sure.

Tammy said...

Well - you know how we feel about football in this house :) Love it, love it, love it. You can't live in Ohio and not have Buckeye fever. It's impossible!

If you need any help with that little tough guy Grant one day - you know who to call. We've got baseball and football down.

And I'm so glad Mason and Brooklyn have formed this friendship too. Like I mentioned before - I hope it continues for years to come. And for the record - I think it's super cool she's got boy pen pals :)

Teresa said...

We are not sports fans here AT ALL either. I once dated a guy for a long time who was obsessed with sports and that was hard for me. I'm so glad Chuck doesn't like sports.

Awe...I'm glad Brooklyn is enjoying her pen pal 'ship' with Logan! He loves getting her letters in the mail and has kept all of them. How fun! Now if they could only meet in person!!!

tori said...

well as you know, we are football fans! alex is in tackle for the 2nd year and we love going to games. we've also done baseball, wrestling, soccer and flag football. so we can help out too when it comes to grant...
love ya