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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Movie Reviews

Okay, this is pathetic, I know...but we have watched a movie every night this weekend so I have 3 new reviews for you all. (Hey, there's not much to do when there is 6-8 in. of snow everywhere and the roads are icy!)

Thursday Night: The Lake House
In one word: YUCK! I did NOT care for this movie at ALL. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reaves I liked...but the story was just dumb! I spent the entire movie trying to make sense of what was going on. She (S.B) is a doctor who has recently moved out of the Lake House. She left a note for the next tenant (K.R.) to forward her mail to her new address. They discover that somehow there is a 2 year time difference. He is living in 2004 and she is living in 2006. They "fall in love" through letters they write to one another and put into the same mailbox and can immediately read and recieve. It's weird and just doesn't make sense. And its frustrating because they can't be together even though they both want to so badly (because of the time lapse). I know it was my analytical-ness that ruined this movie for me. I guess you just have to enjoy the show and not try to figure it all out to like it. For me....I just kept trying to put all the peices together...and they never did fit. Anyway, if you like un-realistic fantasy type movies...you might enjoy this one. If you are a realist---don't waste your time. You'll just walk away from it frustrated.

Friday Night: Without A Paddle
What a GREAT movie!!! I was SO pleasantly surprised at this movie! We had gone to the video store and Matt picked this out all by himself while I helped the kids pick out a movie for them. So, when we put it on..I had no expectations and had already pre-judged that I probably wouldn't like it just by the picture on the front cover. Boy was I wrong! We didn't even start this movie until about 10:30 pm (because we'd been without power for 2 hours!) and I never dreamed I'd be able to stay awake for it...but I never even got a teensy bit tired! It was so captivating and intense...I enjoyed every minute of it. And...the real icing on the cake is that it is really kind of a "guy" movie...so your husband will LOVE it to. I'm sure it speaks to the inner child/wild-nature part of every man. Anyway, I definintely recommend this one!
***However...this isn't a movie you watch with your kids (just in case you wonder).

Saturday Night: Lassie (new release)
Brooklyn and I (Matt was already asleep! ha ha) started this movie last night at about 9:00 pm. It was very cute and she was LOVING it...but about half-way through...neither one of us could stay awake. She was really bummed that I said we had to turn it off, but it was after 10 and I knew we needed to get up early for church. We will probably finish watching it tonight. It is actually kind of slow and the actors speak with a strong English accent...so kind of hard to understand at times. Of course, the story is classic and was pulling at Brooklyn's heartstrings right away. If you liked Winn Dixie...you'll like this one too.


Logziella said...

We ended up renting Lake House too and I know what you mean about it being hard to figure out. I didn't mind it that much though. My complaint was that I wanted a nice relaxing movie but this one you had to sit there and think about just to know what was going on the whole time. If you didn't think about it...you would have been really lost!

kc said...

Wow, thanks for the reviews. I can't even remember the last time we rented/watched a movie.
Who is in "Without a Paddle" and what is it about?
Did you see Hitch, Fun with Dick and Jane, or Pink Panther? I got Stephen those for Christmas at the "after thanksgiving sale". They were only $3 each, so even if they aren't good, I haven't lost much.