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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's a Shopping Spree!!! WHEEEE!!!

What a muggy Saturday we are having! It keeps raining on and off--even though the sun is shining and it's warm out. Actually, even though it's kinda of moist and humid, the sunshine is nice and the rain is needed, so I guess we are pretty lucky.
Anyway, we've had a busy 24 hours. After Matt got home from work last night, Kendra came over to babysit for us and we went to the mall to look for some new clothes to take with us on the cruise. Matt ended up finding a really cute outfit and flip-flops at American Eagle. When we got out of there, we only had 10 minutes until the mall closed so I ran down to the Buckle and tried on one pair of Lucky shorts and one shirt...both of which I loved and he bought for me. (that's like the fasting shopping I've ever done!!) After that we went to Khols and he found some more new clothes and some VERY CUTE shoes. They are really funky and not his "normal" style...but I Love them! I got a pair of khaki shorts and 2 nighty's that were on clearance. Kendra ended up staying the night with us last night so we headed out again this morning--this time with Brooklyn--and went to Academy and Old Navy. Matt found some cute swimming trunks that coincidently match my swimsuit (cool!) and I got 6 pairs of flip-flops for $15.00. I also took back a jean skirt that I had ordered online at American Eagle that was too big and exchanged it for another jean skirt. It is extremely short, but it really doesn't look THAT short once it's on. I am just not used to showing off that much leg. Brooklyn also found a cute t-shirt at Old-Navy that she has already changed in to.
So, I think we are all set (clothes-wise) anyway for the cruise. We are both tanning every day this next week to hopefully get some good color before we leave. I am already pretty dark but I've been going for a week now. It's amazing how much better you tan when you use good lotion! Now if I can just drop about 5 pounds before next Sunday, I'll be REALLY happy! ha ha...it's always something else!
Right now, Matt and Grant ran to the grocery store to pick up some charcoal so we can grill some steaks for dinner. Hopefully I will finish painting Brooklyn's room tonight and then tomorrow I will be doing some MAJOR cleaning around here to get ready for my Pampered Chef show on Monday. (Did I tell you I was doing a show Amy?)
Well, I hear the garage door opening so they must be back. I better go and get the baked potatoes and salad ready! Have a good night!


Kristin said...

Ok Jen,

You want to lose 5-7 lbs in one week I got the diet for you! It really works! I lost 8 lbs in the first week and I'm starting it again on Monday! The South Beach Diet its takes some disclipine but it really does work. Let me know and I'll email you what to do on the first week. You guys have fun and I'm so jealous it isn't even funny. I want to go so bad but I'm scared to death I'll get sick. I can't even ride in the back seat of the car without getting sick!

Amy said...

OK, Jenni, I am so jealous! You're having steak for dinner and a Pampered Chef show from someone other than me? I'm so mad! OK, so I'm totally kidding about the PC show, but not necessarily about the steak! I am sick of eating mashed potatoes and pudding!