II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our 3rd Mother/Daughter Date

As you know, Brooklyn and I have been going on special dates (8 of them in this kit) and we just did our 3rd one. This time it was "Quiet time with God." It was a little harder because there weren't any special places to go or things to do. There was a small devotional and then we were supposed to have some quiet time with God. To make it seem a little bit more "big" we went and got our toenails done first. Then we stopped at McDonalds and got a Oreo icecream thingy. Then we went to some land my dad owns and spread out a blanket and had our quiet time. It was simple, but still very nice.

Memorial Day Weekend
On Saturday we went to see my new GREAT neice! (I am SO NOT old enough to be a great-anything...but oh well! I guess that's what I get when all my brothers and sisters are way older than me! Kenzi Maria was born with a full head of dark hair! I'm in total love with her already!
Here is one of Matt and Brooklyn in the hall at the hospital. It was so sweet---Father/daughter, I couldn't pass up putting it on here!Next we headed to our home town for some fun family time. We always stay with Matt's mom and step-dad. They are wonderful to us and always treat us extra special. Here's a pic of Brooklyn playing in their bird bath. So sweet!
Matt's step-dad, Duane, likes motorcycles and has recently acquired this 1969 (I think) scooter. We all had a blast riding around the neighborhood on it!
On Sunday we started the day out going to church with Matt's mamaw. We got to listen to the preacher who did our wedding (and who was our pastor when we met). It was exciting and fun to catch up on what's been going on since we'd seen him and his family last. Matt's mamaw ALWAYS has us a sweet greeting written on the sidewalk out in front of her house with sidewalk chalk when we come. This time I took a picture!
Here we are right after church. Finally, a family picture!
After church, we had a great birthday party for the 2 little Jones boys (Jaxon-turning 7 and Grant-turning 5). I organized a party in the park, made baseball cupcakes and then had a family baseball game since both boys are big into baseball right now. It went great and we even got Matt's Mamaw out there to bat! What a sport!
Here are the 4 cousins: Grant, Nicole, Brooklyn & Jaxon. The BEST of friends!Here are the 2 birthday boys blowing out their candles.
Matt's little brother and his wife just got a yorkie about a month ago. Neither of these guys act like they care about these pups too much...but look at them there--Matt holding Kinley and Cale holding Sophie. You can clearly see they love these little girls almost as much as me and Lindsay do! hee hee (that's Matt's dad sitting there on the right in the white shirt).Here's a better picture of the 3 Jones men. Matt, Cale & GP
Here's one of us women. That's me in the pink, Lindsay (my SIL) in the black and Matt's mom, Laura, in the yellow.


Rene' said...

very cute. loved all the pictures. Your church dress is really pretty.. huge family resemblance on the Jones men. Brooklyn looked so sweet in the (2nd picture I think-or third--it was near the beginning!) sounds like u guys had a huge busy fun filled family weekend-that's awesome!

Rock Chef said...

I used to have a bike just like that!

KC said...

How FUN!!! Looks like yall had a blast.
Girl, your arms look really lean and muscular in that picture of you and Matt on the scooter. Congratulations! All that hard work has definitely paid off!
Love that dress you had on too. Very cute!

Kate said...

what fun! please send some of that warm tank-top weather up this way! lol

Tammy said...

I'm loving your mom-daughter dates. So sweet and sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable. Your family picture is AWESOME! And I think Grant's baseball party sounds like so much fun. A family game? Great idea!! The cupcakes rocked too! You're a super mommy!!