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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Not "Hot" as in sexy..."Hot" as in HOT! For the past couple of weeks, I swear I've been having hot flashes! I can be just comfortable one minute with a blanket over my legs or pajama pants on and the next thing I know I'm burning up, sweat beads popping up on my brow and trickling down the small of my back and I'm ripping off every unneccesary peice of fabric. What's up with THAT? Frighteningly I am reminding myself of what my mom looked like just a few years ago when she went through menopause. But I'm only 30.
Over the past week, I've woken up several times in the middle of the night so hot that my hair and nightshirt were actually damp. I'll look over at Matt and there he is all nestled up under the covers sleeping comfortably while I'm practically stripping down naked. Is that normal?
Thankfully, I go to see my girlie doctor in 2 weeks and I can bring this up with her. That'll be right after we discuss what needs to be done about my birth control situation now that my IUD has expired. I am more sure than ever that we are done having babies...so it's probably time to take some more permanent measures. Yet I still can't shake the thought that maybe we're just still a tad too young to be closing that door permanently and that maybe I should go with another 5-year IUD just to be on the safe side....but....on the other hand when I imagine what I would think/feel/do if I did, by chance, get prego again....well, then I know it might be time to consider something permanent. :o)
Anyway, I really should be working right now and not typing on my blog, but I just went through one of those "I'm-burning-Up!!!" moments and thought I'd tell you guys all my personal business before I begin my work for the day! ha ha
Hope you all have a great Thursday! Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Anonymous said...

I'm 30 as well and have had crazy hot flashes over the past 6 months and eventually tied it to my birth control. I'm on a regular daily pill but during my placebo week I would get splitting headaches and hot flashes/night sweats. These have diminished over the months but definitely were confusing and annoying at first. Perhaps it's tied to your IUD wearing out?