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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

B Z B's

Wow! We've been busy little bees the past 3 days! Monday night Matt's little brother, Cale and his wife, Lindsay, and their son, Jaxon, came into town to visit. They were staying at the Radisson so they invited us over to the hotel's indoor water playland to swim with them after we all went out and had a big dinner at Cheddars and ice creams at Baskin Robin's. (YUM!) We stayed and swam (the kids had SO much fun) until about 9:30 pm! Next on Tuesday, my mom and I took the kids to the park to play while she and I had lunch (chinese takeout) at a nearby picnic table. BUT..it started raining only about 15 minutes after we got there...so that fun had to be cut short. After that, I went home and cooked dinner for everyone and then we all headed to the aquarium. The kids enjoyed seeing all the fish but I think the sharks took the cake. They have this tunnel you walk through where you are surrounded by water with sharks in it. Kind of freaky if you let your imagination run wild like I like to do. (pretend I am at the beach and they are coming towards me and gonna eat me!! AUGH!!) but then they swim right on past me and I remember I am only in the aquarium...not at the beach. Whew! ha ha
They spent the night with us on Tuesday night so on Wednesday morning we got up and went to Pump It Up (inflatable playland). Thank God that I had called last week and found out we had to have reservations this week to play there since it is Spring Break here and they are extra-busy. I felt so bad for all the moms and kids being turned away b/c they hadn't made reservations. You could see the disappointment all over their faces (and running down their cheeks!) :o(
But, our kids had a lot of fun there and so did we. After that, we loaded up and went to the Bass Pro Shop so they could see the (stuffed) animals and (live) fish there. However, it wasn't really all that cool after having been at the aquarium the night before, so we didn't stay there too long. (but long enough for Matt to buy some more hunting gear, of course! ha ha) After that we went to Safari's, this place where they have rescued animals that you can get pretty up close and personal with. That is where all the pictures of the lions, tigers, zebra, pig and ducks came from. It is a really nice change from the zoo where the animals are all so far away you need binoculars to see them and they look like statues b/c they don't ever move. At this place, you can actually feed them! (raw chicken) but we didn't b/c it's $10 a package...but we got to enjoy watching it anyway b/c of all the other people who were doing it. They (the tigers & lions) get really excited when they see people walking up with that chicken in their hands!
After that, we all headed to the mall to let the kids do some running around in their play area while me and Lindsay (Cale's wife) did about 45 minutes of shopping. I got the kids some cute summer clothes at the Gap and Brooklyn some more free cotton undies from V.S. (I know those salesladies think I am crazy when I go in there asking for extra-small! ha ha) Next, we had planned on going to Sho-Gun for lunch...but we found out they didn't open till later and they were all booked, so we settled for Ted's Mexican. It was yummy but we all got super-stuffed. (how can you not when they give you free queso and free sopipillas!?!) Finally, we all got back home and the kids played while Lindsay and I relaxed on the couch and watched the big boys (our husbands) play some feirce games of air hockey. How competative brothers can be!!! ha ha
They both won a game, so they called it quits there and then it was time for our company to head home. Grant was so bummed that they were leaving, he wouldn't even give anyone a hug. Maybe he thought if he refused to participate in the good-bye hug ritual...that they wouldn't actually leave...? But of course, they did and we miss them already. It stinks that we live so far apart. Guess that just means we need to be making more trips to our hometown than we do (about twice a year). You don't realize how much you miss everyone until you're with them again and then you never want to let them leave.
So...that's how our spring break has been so far. My mom and my plans to go visit my neices has changed as some medical conditions have come up for my mom. More on that later when we find out what's actually going on but be in prayer/faith with me that the alarm/concern the doctors are having will turn out to be no big deal.
Instead of going anywhere major today, I think I am just going to take the kids to the gym with me so I can do my aerobics class and then maybe try to get out this afternoon and look some more for a bed for Grant.
Tomorrow, my neice and my great-neice(!!!!!) and her daddy are coming to visit with us. I can't wait to get that little cutie back in my arms. She is such a doll and she reminds me of how much I LOVE little babies and how glad I am that I don't have one of my own! ha ha I am more than satisfied just spoiling her for now! (until my other neices have babies--hint hint Rach!)
I hope you all are having a good week!


Logziella said...

Wow!!! That was busy but sounds like SO much FUN!! I am glad you enjoyed your visit with family. We have nothing like that. My neices & nephews hardly even know my kids names...and we live about 25 mins. away. Redicilious I know. Anyway, sounds like an awesome week!!

Hey, was that Safari place off from 71st and Midway area? If so, that is right by where we used to live! We used to be able to hear the Lions or Tigers roar during mating season from our backyard...kinda freaky!

tori said...

hey jen!
your blog is so cute~ i love all your pics of you and your family. i have been thinking about you lately and realize that we need to get together soon. matt and mark need to hang out and so do us girls!

hope you had a good spring break!