II Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, May 22, 2006

miserable mommy minute

I had one of the most terrifying experiences today. I had left Grant outside in the back yard with another adult while I was in my bedroom putting away laundry. I walked out into the house to find that everyone was walking out the front door hollering, "Grant!?" "Where are you Grant!?!" I immediately ran out there and found out that they didn't know where he was. The person who was watching him said they were on the phone and he'd been right there but when they turned around, he was gone. Immediately I knew that if they were in the back yard and the gate was still latched and locked, then there was no way for him to have gotten out and that the only place he could be in that yard where he couldn't be seen was in the pool. Instantly a picture flashed into my mind of my precious baby boy floating upside down in the pool. Words can't begin to tell you the emotions that ran through my body and as fast as my legs could run, I frantically sprinted for the back yard, tripping over bikes and toys. I was terrified to actually look into the pool, yet, I think I made it there in lightening quick speed. I looked....He wasn't in there! Relief flooded my body and my heart began beating again. It turned out that my mom had gotten him and they were perfectly fine. Me on the other hand....well, I was FAR from fine. I went and locked myself in my bathroom and sobbed while my entire body trembled and I felt suddenly very nauseated. That mental image was the most awful, horrific thing and I wish I could permanently erase it from my mind, but I just keep seeing it. I am almost afraid to go to sleep tonight and take the chance of having a nightmare about it. I wanted to run out there right then and there with a big knife and cut that pool up into shreds. I didn't of course, and now, I am a little more rational...although I will be INSISTING on putting up a saftey-fence around the pool.
(for the record, if the person or persons family who was watching Grant ever reads this, please KNOW that I don't have anything against you...it could have just as easily been me) I just praise and THANK the LORD that nothing bad did happen and I hope that this will always remind me to be vigilant when it comes to watching my babies!
In other news....at the moment, we have 11 people "living with us." It's all very temporary and actually 3 of them are just here visiting but it's a "Full House" to say the least! Me, being the people person that I am, sees all of this as just one big long slumber party. Matt on the otherhand, is a little more private and not quite the "party-animal" that I am, so this is a little hard for him. I can't blame him...a guy should be able to walk around his own home in his underwear if he wants. Anyway, it's kinda straining on our relationship and I know it will be good when things settle down and go back to "normal."
My mom and dad's house is coming right along. They have bricked, painted, and stained it all. Only 17 days until they are supposed to be moving in. One significant thing that has happenend though...the electric contractors who put in their service cut an oil line while they were digging. It has turned into a big "oil spill" and our channel 6 news came out and did a story on it today! It's getting to be a pretty big deal. This morning, one of the workers was walking around the big "hole" and he was about 2 feet away from it when he just sank into the ground. Apparently the oil has seeped out all around and it's making the ground very soft. Hopefully they will get control of it before it reaches the ground beneath their house...or else we'll be in for some big trouble!
Hey...by the way...I know this is very long but it's been so long since I've updated I am just full of stuff to talk about! ha ha My camera is loaded with new pictures but somehow the cord that connects my camera to my computer got broken, so I am not able to upload them.
Brooklyn is out of school now and today was our first day to just "stay at home." It was WONDERFUL! I actually got up early and got my work done before everyone was really up and about...which was great because then I had the whole day to spend with the kids. I hope to do that everyday!
Well, I could probably go on and on, but I should really try to get to bed. It is exactly midnight right now and I should be getting up in about 7 hours. Love you all! Jen