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Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Jeans! (one pair)

So, I've been meaning to take a pic of my new jeans (that I bought with the money that I won from the Holiday Challenge) and so today I finally grabbed Brooklyn and had her snap a couple of pix. These first two are of my OLD raggedgy Lucky jeans that I LOVE but are literally falling apart. They have a hole in each knee, one on my left front hip and a GIGANTIC hole in the butt! But I still wear them! Ha Ha

Yes, this close up is of my butt cheek....sorry if that is TMI. :)
My new jeans are funky and fun...they are Big Star brand style Miki...size 28 regular...in case anyone wonders (or wants to send me some! ha ha ha). I love this style because they aren't too flare leg or too skinny leg. They also are a higher rise so that they don't show any booty crack when I bend over. They come to right about an inch below my belly button.

NOT loving this picture of my booty...so just ignore the shape and look at the jeans! ;) You will never hear me say that my rear is my best asset...ever.

My FAVORITIST pair of new jeans had to be altered (they were only about 6 inches too long! ha ha--seriously though!) and so I won't get them until January 11th. I'll take pix of them too for ya, because I know you're just anxiously awaiting it! HA!!! They are like--opposite of these jeans--they are a dark wash with a very cool white/silver thread and hardly any distressing.

Lastly, I leave you with the cutest (BY FAR) pic of all...the one I snapped of my sassy little Brooklyn!


Rene' said...

That is a really cute pix of Brooklyn! adorable! I love the jeans!....However, whoa Nellie! the hole in the butt of the others is a SERIOUS hole! I never imagined it was like that when u talk about it. Wow, sweets, that thing needs a patch. Seriously, would u let Brooklyn wear a pair that had a hole that size there? Not criticizing, just giving u food for thought, if u love them so much, just modify them so u don't end up showing some tushy soon lol what if one day they split even more and your cheeker falls out-that wouldn't be good.
love the new ones though!

Kate said...

jenni bean - you just mooned me! lol

the new ones are cute!

Kate said...

btw . . . brooklyn is just adorable! getting so mature looking!